Greetings from America!


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Ed here. I will try to be brief:
  • Life long motor enthusiast.
  • Company owner / small business
  • Retired airline captain / pilot
  • Vintage racer; Triumph GT6, Spitfire
  • Live in Washington state, near Seattle
  • Always looking for a different fun car to play with
Currently, interested in the following:
2008-2001 Gran Turismo
Aston Martin DB7
Bentley Turbo R
Porsche 911 (997)

Obviously, I joined this forum to learn about the Maserati. Interested in knowing what years, etc are better or worse.



Ed, we'd love to know about the vintage racing GT6!:cool:

Masers can wait till later!

Welcome to the UK Italian madness..

Maserati's are all proper, it just depends on what you like, old school or the new stuff



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GT6... Bombing around Willow Springs Raceway and she's running super sweet. Holding a solid 7,000 rpm... And then: kablooie! Huge banging & grinding noise. Smoke rising from the bonnet & into the cockpit. I pull off track, shoot the fire bottle off, and shut down the electrical system.
Once AGAIN, the little six has grenaded itself. Con rod through the block, hot oil burning on hot exhaust header. A total repeat of what happened at Buttonwillow a few months prior.
The #2 main rod bearing just does not get enough oil. We had added an external oil system & an Accusump, but still, she broke...

When running well, it was fun. But buying $10,000 motors got to be too much for me to bear. So, I ran my Spitfire, which is a tremendously fun race car, and far, far more reliable (lower cost to run). We also have a Formula Vee, which my wife campaigned. She's done with road racing, so I am in the process of adjusting it to fit my larger body.

The Alfa in your photo would be a very competitive racer here in the States. I have several friends who run them.


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Welcome, love old racers running a Triumph 6 at 7000 rpm is brave they tend not to like being that high which is probably why they throw their toys (or in this case con rods out). The Spitfire look lovely, like that screen.

Back to thread you have certainly come to the right place to discuss the GTS and many have experience of Astons & Porsches as well.


Welcome to the forum....lovely array of cars there and Willow Springs...Great track.