Granturismo wanted


I've looked at several, quite a disappointment really as there are huge gaps in histories. I dont get it, I service my local station car religiously and maintain it properly but many people seem not to do that with Maseratis..??? For the cost of some oil and a few hours labour why not do it regularly. Frustrated...

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On my 16 year old Maserati I do the servicing myself now, fluid changes etc. I'm lucky my mate owns one of these ramps which for about £1000 saves a fortune in servicing cost and upkeep.


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Yep, they look and sound fantastic and as such attract a lot of 'champagne taste - lemonade budget' types.

If you think the GTs with their two year intervals suffer you should see some if the books of many used 3200/4200 who require an annual service!!! Sometimes with four or five missed years.

I believe two years is too long for any car not to be looked over by someone who knows something about parts... no wonder rust and knackered bearings and suspension items is so prevalent.
Agreed same with Porsches. I never serviced every two years as that is a **** of a long time for a car not to see a workshop. Getting a bit frustrated with the Maserati search I've also started to look at other cars in the mid 20s bracket. Unfortunately the lack of service seems to be a common trend these days.

To someone like me used to interim oil changes, it's just negligent really, why own a nice car then not spend the money required to maintain it, baffling.

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