Fulvia 1600 HF


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I had a Fulvia as my first ever car at 19 in 1986. Then another, then another, then another...

Ended up owning 5 1300's and culminating in a 1600 HF (MNX 329L) which was silver and stunning.

Sold it and bought an integrale Evo 1 - that was stunning when I sold it...

I bought my first car, also at 19, also in '86 too, my Stag.
Was thinking only yesterday as I paid £3,400 for it at 12 years old, it would be interesting if I had a copy of autotrader, the same weekly addition I saw my Stag for sale, what else was available for the same price, and what they are worth today, almost 30 years later!
Does anyone have a November issue from 86?!!! (Yorkshire area of course!)
My brothers Fulvia has now been finished after being off the road since 89.
After being in the family since 83 he has now sold it on with out telling me :(
Families eh.
Done in the style of our late Father's Jolly Club Cars of Milan which is nice. FB_IMG_1489869740977.jpg


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Long story but lets say I still haven't seen it close up, the seller has been hugely evasive over the weekend so it has all been rescheduled to next weekend now. Sort of helps me actually timing wise the longer the better, gives me time to convince Mrs Z
Looking forwards to hearing more on this story.
I have many good memories of Fulvias as my Father had them when we were kids and they were proper Factory cars through the Jolly Club in Milan doing the RAC with them.
My twin brother had a HF in 83 at 21 and we had some epic trips in it around the UK.