Five faults MSR, ASR, TPMS, Suspension and 99 flashing temp control! Lots of lights! Help..


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Went to the dealer to diagnose the faults and clear them on my 2009 Quattroporte S 4.7
First the battery was replaced due to low voltage (P0301)(b1005)and (b-CAN line error,bus-off)(P0A04)” grounds were checked, it did clear the airbag fault.
Also had U1602 line faulty.
Second was U1715 side acceleration sensor, C1557 no symptoms and C1315 no symptoms
Third was U1706 invalid, no communication with NFR and C1011 battery voltage too low.
It was suspected that there was a CAN line issue.
So now the electrical system was reset and it still has suspension/stability control warnings and heater display
flashes 99 and no control of the heater/air conditioner system.
I drove the car home and it runs fine but no parking brake, can’t calibrate the TPMS and the icon is still on as well as the above.
Any help or suggestions. Also it anyone has wiring diagrams could you send me them to me.


If TPMS refuses to calibrate its a new module, ive been through two already. The rest, Lord knows...