DTC codes and CEL illuminated !

Gaskets on order from Italy.... it’s August so, Xmas maybe ?. :D
Not sure exactly but I think it’ll run to two inlet manifold gaskets..? I’ll probably discover there are others as I get to it....:rolleyes: The belt ( new <1500 miles ago) is lunched too !
It’s parked up at home Shugi- after some jigging stuff around, it’s under cover on hard standing with power & light. I’m happy to work on it where it is, finally..

I’ve been reassured that the alternator refurb process will return a unit “ as good as new”.. I’m told these guys have done a fair few for whatever reason.
It came out in conversation that the diodes reverse current when they go bad. Until I get it seen to, I can’t speculate as to it’s electrical integrity but I am interested to see what if any “improvements” might manifest themselves..? :p
That’s a good find, let me know if you get desperate for the inlet manifold gaskets as I have a pair in the garage, but they should be a stock item??!!
The alternator wiring was so badly burned out that it couldnt be rewound...! Not sure what impact that might have had on the cars electrics..? (in terms of the NIT issue, the CEL and codes ) I cant find a leak in the secondary air circuit pipework after romoving and inspecting it- will submerge under pressure to confirm) The reputation of this marque for electrical anomalies...maybe I get lucky and the faults are one offs caused by alternator meltdown...!?
Keeping the car on a tender may have hidden its breakdown from me..?
Anyway...replaced with new guts, new diode pack and bearings..I hope to see it tomorrow..!

My injectors went for a sonic bath too...! Might as well, whilst Im waiting !