Daft one, car freezer?



£300 but bear in mind the actual cost is the difference between buying and selling , find one now the camping season is winding downthen sell in the spring when it picks up, cost could be nothing.

Though if I had that in my car full of pies I'd be expecting a rubber glove search at customs
At Holyhead they hardly ever stop you, only once actually in about 20 trips and I think that was only cos the Border agency guy wanted to see the engine....

Liverpool they went over the top, underneath, prodding the headlining, the full monty...

And they are puddings, not pies!


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Irish folks, despite being almost British, have no concept of:

  1. Gravy
  2. Curries with any hint of spiciness
  3. Pies, puddings or pasties
  4. Proper battered fish from the chippy ('Chipper' in Ireland and they even microwave it, fooooking ****!!!)
  5. Coronation Street
To be fair here's a list of the cool things about Ireland...

End of List...
Nearly agree, although found a Chippy in Ballycanew that does fresh battered fish and chips where 2 portions is too much for the 5 of us.

You also missed English cheese, you can get 50 variants of Cheddar but nothing else. Fortunately M&S stock a passable Lancashire, a nice Cheshire and a pretty good Wallace & Gromit