Cheap shell helix ultra 5w40 £21.28


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There is a good offer on Shell Helix ultra 5w40 with euroCarparts on eBay. 5L is reduced to £21.28 with free postage.

This is cheaper than buying it from their website even with all the discount codes applied.

My service will be due in Jan/Feb, I was thinking of taking it to QV who did the servicing for previous owner. Does anyone know if they would be happy for me to supply my own oil for the service?
9 ltrs for the 4.2 apparently :/
Any recommendations for oil and air filters?
When I changed my oil I got the Purflux oil filter and the 2 washers for my 4.2 from Eurospares. The 2 washers being 1 for the sump and 1 for the oil tank which I was recommended to change on here to avoid oil leaks and so far I have had no oil leaks. So all good.