Cheap QP6


John and Keith, exactly the reason I want a diesel QP...
The sound of my V8 I will miss, but I don't often do a full beans launch, so the 0-60 times are less relevant, oppotunity for Vmax, or even exceeding 100 are few and far between...
what I do manage is yomping down the dual carriageway... yes my 4.2 petrol will ultimately go faster... but it requires more effort with the gears and a big diesel will ride that massive wave of torque and almost always get the jump on me... while returning over twice the fuel economy and half the yearly tax bill!

It is dirty juice, but like all things filthy, there is good in there!


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I've been watching the prices of the QP6 for a while now, and they're dropping to around 20k.

I quite fancy one. But with the mileage I do, I know it will have to be serviced at least once a year, and the cost of Maserati parts is kinda the only thing stopping me.
And the fact that I like the Merc CLS 350 AMG Line.


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To reply to Markmas I can say I have seen only two QP’s in the four months i have had mine. Quite a few Ghiblis, but only 2 QP’s.

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