Ceramic coating QP GTS


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Well worth having the paint surface fixed first and then have the Ceramic Pro applied. It really does look amazing and it only needs applying every 3 years or so, subject to mileage etc. But the more layers which are applied, the longer it will last. Ceramic coating actually isn't ceramic but a polymer which bonds with the surface of your paint. Seems to be more effective than wax and certainly longer lasting. I had my QP done at 'Ceramic Pro North West' in Manchester. They did a fantastic job.


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Sorry for the delay replying to this. In short, if you like cleaning your car for a whole day every now and then, you will never get close to what an expert company like Ti22 can manage. I’ve always preferred keeping cars clean to messing with oily bits, but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of clean that Mr James Walker went to.

The whole process was stress free and secure. James quite rightly says that you’re better off spending money on the most important mechanical bits first, but once that’s done he can really make the car better than it was when it left the factory. Highly recommended. I’ve booked my Defender in later this summer.