Car in for MOT & Service - fingers crossed!

Personally I get my cars MOT’d first at my friendly local garage and then when the service department send me the ‘vehicle health check’ I know in advance how much of it is worth taking seriously.
I get mine done at a garage where they won’t submit it if there is a chance of failing, they pre mot it..
This is what they do in Ireland, the NCT (MOT) is a lot tougher than our MOT, so there's loads of little guys with garage premises doing pre-NCT tests and guarantee a pass, for a fee of course.

Whole new industry.....


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A pre-check might of helped, but here's the list:
MOT fail.JPG

Waiting for an estimate.

The annoying things are:
- you fail for seat adjustment! (I only noticed last week that the seat wasn't moving forward when I put my bag in the back - thought nothing of it)
- I never use my handbrake (am I alone?)

The worrying thing though is 'excessive corroding' (where does that stop!)
Not very good reading but only one to worry about really is the subframe rot, I had mine repaired for one MOT and then replaced the whole frame a year after.
Have a search ‘subframe’ and there are a few posts of similar issues so yu are not alone.
Pic of my old frame below, had a repair by the engine mount on the same side as the hole.
A pre purchase inspection might have been a worthwhile investment at the time you bought the car. Although there are things that get flagged up that are a nonsense ( like bonnet emblem badge deterioratied) and other stuff you cant judge ( brake line corroded ) and stuff they miss too ( wheel bearings), it does give you a feel for the car's potential to demand expensive attention....
That said, looking through previous MOT's can often elucidate further as to up"n coming issues too. But as I have eluded to, it only tells you what they know.
As the yanks defense bod pointed out once..there are knowns, there are unknowns...and there are known unknowns ! :D
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Whoa...yours is a GS right...2005/6 at the earliest. Like mine !! :oops:
Yes it's a 2005, it had a new front frame but the rear one was just surface rust so was blasted and powder coated.

It had probably been used year round by the previous owners, I avoid using it once salt is down or even if wet now.