Ariel Atom 4 - An ownership write up


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Hi All
Long time no see from me. I have been away but do read in to the forum happenings from time to time. It is still the most entertaining forum to me.
I hope the QP is not being stood looking pretty in a garage and is being used with due gusto @drellis.
I had promised @Wattie I would be back with feedback on my new toy and hence this post.
I got it in mid Feb but only drove it out once I got it registered in March. The workmanship and quality of build is exemplary by Ariel. It does look very small till you stand next to it. Then it looks very broad.
Initially driving was very much like an OAP in a new Honda Jazz. Very carefully and not indulging in the more potent power modes. Traction control set to 5/7.
But the Atom gives you such confidence to push that on literally the second drive I was going against all advice to not take it above 4k rpm.
It’s very basic in amenities. So you just concentrate on driving. And smiling. And laughing.
I have dished out joy rides to many, young and old, and except in one case, all have come back laughing or shouting hysterically. I wish I had recorded these experiences.
Unlike the QP, it’s harder to clean as there are no straight panels. And you are better off using baby wipes in most places rather than a jet washer. I have had it PPf’d in places and that does help.
Driving the QP was an event every time. Driving an Atom is like you own the Smiler ride at Alton Towers and always get the front seat!
Like many of you I buy cars from the heart rather than using brains. And the Atom justifies this method like no other car. It is so so involving that you cannot think of anything else while driving it. You focus and you enjoy the drive. As you can’t see much of the car, you forget what you are in. The exposure to elements just makes it very very raw. I used to stand in from of my Dad on the Lambretta in Delhi in the early eighties. No helmet then and no protection. 30 mph felt like flying. The Atom takes me down that memory lane. It’s that stirring.
I have uploaded a compilation of random drives and reactions here:
But as time passes I will do more engaging editing and include trackday clips where at least I can go above 70 mph.
I plan will keep it for a long time and share its joys with many.
And will be very happy to see you at a meet as I did with the QP.


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Wow what a Car.
The old lady in Morrisons :)
The Mum taking a picture love it.
One question do those fly screens do anything ?


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Thanks All.
Phil, the old lady was indeed intrigued. She waited till I came back and had a good chat about it!
The aero screen is very effective. The airflow is brilliant I have yet not swallowed an insect. At the end of a drive it looks like a fly catcher! It is a must have option. And yes it is an option. Not a standard item on list!