Anyone know this car?

Disregarding the fact that it's a Maserati for a moment... average annual mileage for cars in the UK is 7,900. 14 years means 110,600 is average, therefore 65k is below average, and indeed almost 50% of average and easily qualifies as low.
Okay, now slide back into your equation the fact that it is a Maserati... etc, etc. :smile:

"This has the potential to be a great entry level car with room for improvement in any buyers budget."
Wouldn't disagree but as always the best advice to give anyone is to get the car inspected.

as with any Maserati you should buy with eyes wide open not eyes wide shut. That's not talking it down. it's a reality check, especially if it's been around the auction block (post #7).PH
Exactly. Anyone coming to this forum to do their pre-purchase research should be thankful for a broad range of views - not just opinion from those wearing rose tinted glasses.
I don’t recall anybody expressing a rose tinted view particularly. And in my case I was just concerned about people expressing views on this car based on a few pictures and pretty much nothing else that could be described as factual.

Unless somebody actually has factual knowledge of a car surely they should restrict themselves to recommending an inspection or something genuinely helpful to a potential purchaser rather than guesswork.

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Will there ever be such a thing as a cheap Maserati old banger.. just like any old £2,000 quid BM or Merc
Perfectly useable until you need to spend £500 or so to pass the MOT!

Well I think it look so a lovely example. Can't see anything wrong with the pictures. Probably had paint as front looks clean but most cars have after 14 years. Red leather looks lovely and the wheel colour looks great on silver. That's very little money for a 4200 as well.....Just get it inspected and if it comes up trumps you have a great looking, great priced Maserati.