All Italian Meet Up - Northern Ireland

Any interest guys / ladies?
Haven't given this much thought, in terms of where, what or when. Depends on numbers I suppose.
I know there's something held in Lisburn for Italian owners, but as far as I know, that's only an annual event.
I'm on the North Coast and more than happy to see if I can organise something that might tick our collective boxes,
without running the risk of anyone pulling, breaking or straining anything.
I know that most people will be based in or around Belfast, so if that ends up being the preferred option, not a bother.
To get the ball rolling, maybe around the end of August, so we take advantage of any decent weather? Or sooner, if there's demand.
Over to you :)


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I noticed, in Scotland, you could take an age asking people's opinions and discussing. We did manage and it was great. Just organise something and they will come. :)


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I'm near Claudy, but any run would be up to the North Coast with this weather. I hail from Bushmills so it would be good for me.