A REAL Stratos for sale in the UK


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Great car, very iconic. I remember seeing Rowan Atkinson in his orange one.
I worked with Rowan's accountancy firm at the time that he imported that Stratos. I was a stunner when it was restored, he bought it at auction in Switzerland from memory and had a full restoration done. It was a group 4 spec so he needed to have a heater fitted so he could comfortably drive it in our cooler autumns & springs! He was always very happy to talk cars with me and loved his Lancias, his run around at the time was a red Delta Integrale and he also had a stunning Flaminia Supersport Zagato
Just a stunning car...Aren't they suppose to be a pig to drive though....Had a picture of one on my wall as lad.


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Stunning car but you need to be the right shape there is not a lot of room inside and they get very hot with little in the way of ventilation. Needless to say on my lottery win list but the price of this one seems extremely high.