A light and fluffy read on classic QP


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Nice read, my interest in the Quattroporte started with the III, waned with the IV and was very much ignited again by the V. Looks like after every good model a lesser one comes along (no offence to the VI owners….), so it will be interesting to see what the next generation will be like. Surely smaller and lighter again and with either hybrid or full electric drive. Let’s hope it’s at least as elegant and timeless as the V. I see they switched the narrative for the pics of the Frua and the II though
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What a great paint colour! What colour is God?

In 1964-65, Maserati made 260 of these cars. Ten colours were available: four shades of grey, blue, black, Bordeaux, god, volpe argentata (silver wolf) and luci di mezzanotte (midnight lights).


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I guess he means gold, not as if I've ever seen a gold QP.

Visually, I prefer the QP IV to the later models. The Evo in particular is a classy Q car. If you think it's too slow out of the box, consider the insane tuning options (up to 450 bhp) available at this German specialist:

They seem to have discontinued the 590 bhp version, which does sound ludicrous.