A large hello from an Aussie Maserati fan..


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Im here to introduce myself to everyone,
I have owned a long list of cars over the years, ranging from turbos, supercharged, V8's, mainly German, some Japanese, even a reasonably high HP holden or Opel as you guys would know.. remember the GTS model on top gear. Low quality to be honest but cheap HP... But have always dreamed of an Italian.
The time has come when I don't have to clock up many KMs, my office is now home, so the worry of using it as a high km daily has gone.
I have been pointed at this helpful forum in my research for my next car...
I think I will be using it quite a bit, there isn't a great deal of info in OZ, what there is available you pay through the nose for
it. I do not want this to be a trial and error experience as I have been looking and waiting for this time for so long...
I don't want this to turn into a negative first ownership experience of an Italian beauty as I hope this to be the first of many and I don't want to be turned off.
Dream is to get into a gran Turismo (mc stradale ultimately), but we are definately not as lucky as you guys regarding pricing and market,
we pay a massive premium over here unfortunately.
So this has led me to the quattroporte, to be honest after inspecting and driving several, they have really grown on me to almost be a favourite of the
two, they certainly have a look to them that the GT doesnt have, don't get me wrong both are gorgeous cars in there own different ways.

So leads to this my search has narrowed it down to the 2008+ Quattroporte S , I love the upgraded look over the earlier design duo and non duo.
I am after the 4.7L model. GTS would be the ultimate but the jump over here in price is quite large and too much to justify in my opinion, considering what I have found to be the major differences in the 2. (I may be wrong) suspension and exhaust valve. This is why its a must for me to get the newer 4.7L block then possibly add larini or similar.

Now im introduced, I will get to work in the other sections with a few questions hopefully the gurus can help with.

Welcome to the forum Jimmy.

I sold my 3200 Assetto Corsa to a chap in Melbourne and moved on to a 4200 with the intention of following that with a GT. Along the way though I diverted to a QP V which, even though it's a 4.2, is a lovely car.

I would take a good 4.2 over a not-so-good 4.7, but if you've find a nice 4.7 in any guise I think you'll be a happy man; they are a refined gentleman's carriage when you want them to be, but no slouch when you hit the loud pedal. A good choice imho.

Thankyou guys, its a great wealth of information and nice to be able to interact with likeminded people.

I agree Phil, just finding the right one is the key. I have seen a few nice examples of the 4.2 even a GTS at the moment the only thing that shys me away is the non updated - being headlights, tails body etc.. To me the slight updates really turns the QP into a car that looks like it came off the showroom floor design wise today.... the hunt continues.....


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Welcome aboard Jimmy.
Like yourself I had always wanted this level of Italian car and have enjoyed my last 5 years of ownership.
If you can make it to Canberra in April there is a large gathering on Sunday 7th called Auto Italia.
Maserati is the featured marque this year and you could talk to various GP owners.
Also lots of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, De Tomaso's, Lancia's and tons of Alfa's & Fiat's to see.