456 story on PH


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Cheers Peter and I enjoyed reading that.
The 456 was my first Ferrari and certainly enjoyed my time with it and cost me less to run than the 360 I bought after.
Highlights were taking it on track at Castle Coombe and Silverstone.
Mine had Tubis on her and she sounded awesome.
Most memorable trip was the Silverstone World Record being on track with 963 other Ferrari's.


456’s ”can” be cheap in the short term. But if you keep one for long, and use it, you’re in for financial pain. I remember putting the figures for mine on here a few years ago. I try not to remember, but distantly recall that my daily travelling to/from London/Dorset was cheaper by helicopter than 456...


I had mine for 5yr and covered under 10k miles and as Ewan said was very very expensive. When purchasing a 2nd hand car of certain age you can accept things go wrong but the frequency and cost were just taking the fun out of it. Mine was a manual and needed a gearbox rebuild when it was at around 30k miles because a ring (the size and shape of a wedding ring) snapped and let the reverse move around the gearbox. Did work very well after that but the pain and time to put it right. And the suspension was horrible. Rear shocks leaked, then repaired then leaked again. Then the actuators were flashing. For an analogue car it had way too many issues.