3200 / 4200 / GS - Waterproof Cover.


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I sadly no longer have the 4200 and the buyer had no use for this so I am looking to move it on.

Made to order by Specialised Car Covers, I bought this very impressive outdoor cover off the forum about 2/3 years ago and have used it for the sum total of about 3 weeks when it was between garages.

It is therefore in excellent condition, is waterproof, breathable and has UV protection - I have been very impressed. It is entirely grey in colour and retails for circa £370.

I am looking for £250 and am based in North London but do get up to the north west and Yorkshire so a meet/drop off is not out of the question. Would prefer not to post but can do if required.

Link to Specialised Covers Website

Cheers, James.