2002 CC Coupe brake light switch attachment- removal


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Looking for a hint on getting the brake lamp switch out. Car through a code after refusing to go into gear. After searching here I obtained a new switch and was happy to take on a simple task to get back on the road. The car was nice enough to die in the driveway in front of the house! I was able to undo it from its mount but my shoulders are too wide to get my head into the spot I need to be. Adding to this is some old eyes that can not make out what holds the plug in. After looking at the new switch I believe that you need to depress the single catch with a small screw driver to separate. I have tried this without any success and can not see why it is not working. Rather than compromise the wires I came in to ask the Internet for some guidance. Thanks for any help- I feel bad having to ask for directions.