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    GranSport (Fuji White) Running report

    Completely agree, Fuji White really brings out the best in it.
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    MC 20 Engine Teaser

    FCA has announced this 750HP mid engine supercar as the Alfa Romeo 8C, then sometime last year the new CEO canceled a lot of Alfas plans but the stillborn 8C was shifted to Maserati which is now the MC20.
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    MC 20 Engine Teaser

    Its possible that its an evolution of the Alfa engine thats in the Giulia. either way, the MC20 is a car that Maserati needs, its kind of a sporting brand with no real sports cars and a car like this can maybe stop them from being a punching bag for auto journos.
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    mcv 16/180 up for auction in the US

    This looks like a good example for the price, the bid has been at $18,750 for a while now.
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    Headlight Refurb

    Progress looks pretty good, interested to see how it turns out. Especially with covid tanking prices of flights :D
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    4200/GS X and H pipes.

    I see, thanks for the clarification.
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    4200/GS X and H pipes.

    The American cars have the X-Pipe as standard I believe. Personally, I prefer the X-Pipe, the car is a high revving V8 and you get that hint of Ferrari in that sound but it still retains that V8 growl. Everyone loves a good V8 noise but the standard 'muscle car' sound can be achieved with a lot...
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    Group buy of the century ?…

    Sad as it sounds, I think a car like that really ought to be in a museum, shame that Maserati doesn't have a place like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.
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    Reading the ECM and Gearbox

    I've never actually driven a standard(i.e. non-DBW) car, so I can't really tell whether the product is effective is good or not but I can definitely feel when the clutch bites and engages, I've heard the standard car likes to ride out the clutch way too much.
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    Reading the ECM and Gearbox

    How does it compare against the DBW? On an unrelated note, I really think Maserati should've went more all out on the GS. The more aggressive gearbox mapping on the original, the quicker rack from the MCV and maybe a few aluminium panels to shed off some weight. The design is there, especially...
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    Reading the ECM and Gearbox

    I've heard the original firmware is much more aggressive, very interesting to see how that feels like.
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    Reading the ECM and Gearbox

    I was thinking more in regards to the part of the software that lets the car shift more aggressively. The GS supposedly is programmed to shift harder than the regular CC, but softer compared to the 360 CS. There's the youtuber Ratarossa who converted a 360 into a CS, and managed to get the...
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    Reading the ECM and Gearbox

    I've actually heard it was possible to map the 360 CS programming onto the Maseratis ECU, but has anyone actually done it? Do the improvements add to the FD DBW or not? I've had the FD DBW on my car and only knew later, the shifts are crisp, especially downshifts. Upshifts have a slight...
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    Why I'm Making My Own Brakes

    I think they are shared with either the Alfa 166, or the Ferrari 456/550/575. I believe the 550 brakes are the same, 575 might be a bit better but haven’t looked into it enough to confirm.
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    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    I forget the part number of the saab aluminium heater, there were a few brand new units on ebay but it seems to be gone. One other option is this, its a copper unit and reasonably priced compared to the brassworks unit...