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    Any Cyclist Enthusiasts Fancy This

    I have mine and Mrs B's name down (Andy-Karen), and as it stands at the moment then yes. She hasn't been out of the garage for the last few weeks, I'm emptying a large shed so it can go to it's new owner, plus I'm storing a dining table and 6 chairs for my son. I can't get into the car let...
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    Any Cyclist Enthusiasts Fancy This

    We may have met before Kemble last year with Maserati's! I would have been riding there 76 through to around 1980, 81 latest.
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    Any Cyclist Enthusiasts Fancy This

    Proper old school track bike, apart for the hyd front brake. Very much like the fixed wheel I used to ride at Herne Hill track in my yoof!
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Silver 3200GT R2 SR. Cheltenham, opposite HSBC on Bath Road.
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    New boy about to take a leap of faith

    To me the front bumper looks as though it has been painted. I initially thought it was just the light but in every photo it's a different shade, especially when compared to the front wings adjacent to the wheels. Maybe that may explain the lifted bonnet?
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    New 4200 owner

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    Queen Square Breakfast Club

    She's only covered around 800 miles since the last MoT (April 19th)
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    New boy about to take a leap of faith

    Welcome to the loons club And the best colour, but then I am biased!
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    Queen Square Breakfast Club

    I'll more than likely be going on Sunday as the weather looks reasonable, though a little chilly. See you there Blox. P, what do you mean by leggy, mileage? Only just run in at 103k!
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    Back in the GTS Fold

    Another vote for red.
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    Looking to buy

    For a few £k more than that you could take away my Gransport.
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    Wanted : Gransport

    Digging up an old thread but here go's. Woots, are you still looking? I own a Med Blue Gransport that I'm thinking of selling, only because I can't get comfortable as I have a back injury. I bought her last September from a fellow forum member, Med Blue, full grey leather, heated electric...
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    Has Anyone Seen This Before??

    Looks like a plastic kit car body to me, the type of thing some people did with old rusty Cortina's or Fiesta's back in the 80's. Not for me.