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    SM Xmas doo

    Cracking stuff Dem
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    SM Xmas doo

    Conaero Mrs Conaero Zep Blondie Helen Ashley Ryan TokyoMB - Mark Ms TokyoMB - Lisa Midlifecrisis Mr Crud Mrs Crud Spartacus Louise Newton Jeanette Athol Louise Stevo Crofty Zahra Croft, fridge raider MAF MAF +1 Contigo Su (Contigo's better half) Dem Hodroyd Hodroyd +1 Eb Eb +1 Simon M
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    SM 2017 Xmas Party

    Good evening chaps, been a while, I'm all in turn me red
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    Xmas 2016

    Venison pasta King Prawns Bumgirl for desert
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    Xmas 2016

    Having just caught up with this thread, I'd like to point out just how inappropriate the constant references to "Bumgirl" are. "Bumgran" would be far more accurate....
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    Brooklands Supercar Sunday July 17th

    Hi chaps heading to this now in the GS and bringing my boy - should I head anywhere in particular?
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    SM Xmas Doo

    You told me to keep my mouth shut! [emoji850]
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    SM Xmas Doo

    stragglers - sheesh! Prosciutto di Parma & Vegetali Arrostiti con Pane Carasau Coniglio alla Villa d’Este
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    Sports Maserati brake discs - third group buy

    1. Catman V2 2. MrCoop 3. Marlon 4. Abyss 5. Vulcan1208 6. Steamer 7. Timm 8. PrathShankar 9. Bill (full set) 10. Bertt 11. SimonM
  10. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

    So that's why he's so chipper! [emoji16]
  11. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

    Keep going mate, great stuff !!!!
  12. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

    I burnt 1500 calories yesterday.... Forgot to take the pizza out of the oven.
  13. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

    Moi!?! I'd start with the guy with the pencil case [emoji23]
  14. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

  15. SimonM Ride 4 Ryan

    Looks to me like her buttocks could do with a soothing massage....