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    Looking for a Manual 4200GT

    That sounds like mine. Reg VU05....had it almost 4 years now and still running well
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    Next step:

    Excellent news. The workshop is only half a mile from my home, no doubt will see you soon.
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    Stone chip free

    Matt I contacted Phil as was going to get him to take a look at my car car. I had to postpone as it is has been away for a few weeks for some repairs. I did send him a message to let him know, and i hope to have the car back next week. I will contact him again when i have it back. Mike
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    New 4200 owner

    I have updated my post with a brief update.
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    4200 armrest cd making clattering noise

    Mine also does that, and i do have a Sat Nav disc. I am going to try a lens cleaner and will let you know if it makes any difference, and you are welcome to borrow it and/or the sat nav disc, if you can't get a copy. Mike
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    New 4200 owner

    Hi, thanks for the message and the offer of advice - it is appreciated. The car has a Larini exhaust and is already very loud!
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    New 4200 owner

    New 4200 owner - update Brief update having now had the car for 4 months. There have been several items that have required attention, which have all been wear and tear rather than mechanical breakdown. There is one more job that will need to be done soon, which is a new catalytic converter, and...