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    outdoor car cover granturismo

    I’ve used Specialised for over 10 years (in door and outdoor). If you are looking for a discount then join the UK Lotus forum (SELOC) for free and then you can order a non-Lotus cover using the SELOC discount. You simply send an email asking for a quote noting your SELOC name, might be worth...
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    Retrofit Carplay in GTS

    I’ve noticed on there’s 3 cars with either overlays like mine or replacement units, not the aucar one but another. They are obviously becoming more popular and used as a selling point.
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    Boot Struts

    Welcome Jem, as you note I find it cheaper to source parts offshore. Ironically I find buying from the Maserati store direct cheaper than Aust dealers.
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    GTS production ended

    Agree it should be good for parts, at any rate Maserati have to support parts for 10 years after production stops so we’ve got a few more years. Of course no one ever said how many parts need to be available at anyone time!
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    GTS production ended

    Saw they said that.....As for the outgoing car, Maserati sold more than 40,000 units over the course of its 12 year run. More specifically, the company built 28,805 GranTurismos and 11,715 GranCabrios.
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    Retrofit Carplay in GTS

    For the Australian audience... I ended up choosing McCarroll’s competing system to Naviplus. First impressions is the kit really modernises the car with Waze, phone with a proper mute button on screen, access to music. Reverse camera works well. It’s a corded solution (cord pops out between...
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Well I had a non-Naviplus system installed in Aust. First impressions are the touch screen is great, Waze access is awesome, phone is **** and reverse camera is very useful. I’m mainly disappointed with the phone quality, microphone near rear view mirror as everyone says it sounds like I’ve got...
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    Pickles Auction - Couple of GTS

    I see there’s a Pickles auction on Monday at Belmore with a couple of decent GTS for sale, guessing they are repos.
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    Factory Battery Type - AGM or Not?

    Can anyone tell me the ‘size’ of the battery for the GTS as I can’t buy the Exide recommended in the UK, so have to find something else. Size would be helpful.....
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    Maserati I guess doesn't quite have Aston's challenges....

    Since Aston Martin Lagonda listed this time last year, basically everything has gone wrong for the luxury carmaker. The share price has tanked (albeit that it has ticked up a bit over the past month), demand in the automotive market has stopped dead, and the company has been burning through cash...
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    Apple Bluetooth Dongle - Female Lightning Connector

    To clarify, if you have the Naviplus CarPlay and you have a lightning cord in your cup holder then can you put a Bluetooth dongle on it when you don’t need the power aspect of the cord? What’s the other way?
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    GTS - 2nd Year Dealer Service Costs

    A bit of repost from GT section For those researching GTS main dealer service costs I had my 2nd year Australian main dealer service (both belts, pollen and engine filters, new fluids of oil (and filter), coolant and brake) cost incl. GST was AUD 2,500. Labour of AUD 1,500 and rest on fluids...
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    GTS - Service Cost - 2nd Year - Aust. Dealer Costs

    I'm sure an independent is cheaper but for those looking to compare GTS costs I had my 2nd year Australian main dealer service (both belts, pollen and engine filters, new fluids of oil (and filter), coolant and brake) cost excluding sales taxes was AUD 2,020 / GBP 1,120 / USD 1,380. Doesn't...
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    Apple Bluetooth Dongle - Female Lightning Connector

    Can anyone tell me is their a bluetooth dongle where the bluetooth device uses a female lightning connector? There's obviously ones for the old 30 pin apple connector but not seen one using lightning connector.
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Can I ask is the connecting dongle being developed (not the wired version) bluetooth or wireless? I'm asking as I can see in a previous photo what looks like a wireless antenna (box on left)? Possibly the antenna is for something else?