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    I’m pressing pause...

    Hopefully once life returns to normal and we can get about a bit more we'll all be putting some more miles on our cars and the percentage of on-topic conversation will rise.
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    Completely agree Phil. I've been around here on and off a similar stretch. While there are some threads I just don't open primarily through lack of interest in the context of a car forum and others I occasionally groan at for all kinds of reasons, I'm surprised but not shocked that there's...
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    The other birds thread

    I didn't know that. Very sad... It seems you don't want to be a supporting lady in a Richard Curtis film. Charlotte Coleman (Scarlett of 4 Weddings, also previously Worzel Gummidge) died following an asthma attack aged just 33.
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    On the Nest

    Not sure you'll get a Google thingy for £100. I just bought one (two piece set, router and point) from Argos for £189 down from £239. Seems good - more about a steady connection than massive speed boost - but might need to add a third for full reach. The good news though is that the older...
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    Bike Rack on a 4200?

    Not a rack, but I used to put my mountain bike on the back seat in a bike bag.
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    Pic of the day

    Some background on this in easily digestible format here: I've been quite enjoying the Number 27 channel during lockdown.
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    Rust Protection Process on 2010 GC

    Hi - I'm just up the road in Chesham. Don't forget to flash :) I've kept Ian's original post on Pro-Tect bookmarked and will be looking into using them too: Also worth talking to whoever does your annual service to...
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    Wireless heating controls

    I have the Honeywell Total Connect / Evohome system as well, though not sure what the 2020 is (fitted mine with around 20 HR92 TRVs a few years ago). Feel free to PM me as you come across quirks, but on the whole they're pretty trouble free.
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    Pic of the day

    Or "You're in my light."
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    Pic of the day

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    My father used to have one. Fantastic and raw! You'll love it.
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    Maserati Grecale

    Spoil sport. I'd just put the kettle on.
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    Gorgeous spec 4200 CC facelift model in rare Grigio Nuvolari colour

    I sold my 4200 when we had twins. Could / should definitely have kept it as a second car, but in our case we needed to do longer journeys with more stuff, hence a large family estate was on the cards. Once life became more manageable I bought a GS. There's nothing else of interest with the same...
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    Alpine to race in F1

    Looks like Renault are set to rebrand as Alpine. Will be good to see the name on the grid.