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  • Hi John, thanks for your post..Will see if it's on the thread and if not post up...Looks like we will get a few more involved next time.....Ah and my driver won driver of the year for the 2nd year running so great news all around.

    Cheers, Andy.
    hi lads
    its me again
    i am glad you injoyed the day at brunty , and enjoyed our special supprise the vulcan bomber , and that j.c.b. was really something to , thanks to you lot and all the others we have made a shed load of money , cant tell you how much yet , but its a lot , we are trying for the arrows next year , crossed fingers , by your comments , i am quessing you will be coming back to run your gate , more comments please , and can we do anything to make it better ,and thanks to andy for getting you there???
    brunty john
    hi every one
    i am one of the idiots that organises " on your marks ", i think we can promise one of the best track days you will ever have been to , no rip off prices we do all the food ourselves, hog roast £3, burger's £2.50 cup of tea 50p , and the most important of all a bacon banjo £2.50, last year george (asda) gave us 119 rails of cloths, the most expensive thing was £3, there was 2000 people waiting for it to open at 08.00, its not just asda employies , a lot of companys help us put this on and all there employies can come as well , scania,volvo,iveco, mercedes benz ,junheinrich,norbet dentressangle,tyre services,J.C.B.,malcolmes,reed boardall , A1 cones,and the G.M.B. we are in the process of talking to the hotel , the barcelo hinckley island hotel , last year we had a deal and will try to get the same £55 for a twin bedded room with breakfast a night on the friday ,, regards bruntyjohn
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