Why don't people stop these days?

Noticed it this morning. Must have happened when parked in Taunton yesterday. Will have to be an insurance claim as it'll need the bumper replacing.


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Oh sh!t
So F***ing annoying.
They must have known they'd done it.
Hope you can repair rather than replace.
Bloody annoying that........Bet they saw it was a Maserati and thought ....feck that will not be cheap and legged it....Bastards.
Apologies for stating the obvious ;)
Did you have a scan around, to see if there are any CCTV cameras covering the area?
If you were parked in a built up area, its highly likely that CCTV cameras were nearby.
If so and you're quick, you might be able to get hold of the vehicle details before the
recording discs are reused.


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This is why I park miles away from other cars, and equally why I go apes hit to find when I've done my business someone has parked within a foot of me. Hope it's not too a painful fix for you.:frown:
I was parked away from other cars. Unfortunately someone managed to find a way to hit me.

I didn't notice when I got back to the car as it's was tipping it down. Only saw it in the full light of day this morning.
Sorry to read about the hit... little honesty left in England these days.

I knicked a old vents Renault in a car park and left a note, he called me up to thank me and refused to accept payment fkr it to be put right...he just t-cut it and said it was fine... it was nothing like yours though.
Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

I always park miles away from other cars and notice people will usually park next to me even still. Once I happened to be returning at the same time as the guy parked next to mine and I couldn't contain my curiosity, I asked him politely and as diplomatically as possible why, in an empty car park, he had gone out of his way to park beside my car. He answered that he always chooses the poshest car to park beside because he knows the owner will take care when opening its door. Can't fault the logic.
I've sent an email as the contact centre is only open Monday to Friday. Will probably ring on Monday anyway to see if I can find anything out. Looking for repair quotes as the repairer used on the MiTo left the interior in right state. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long to fix.


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A case, I'm afraid, of having a dashcam that has a parking mode.
This is exactly what I have in my Jag XJ and the GTS front an rear hard wired Thinkware dasham.
Need to get one for the wife as she just has standard dashcam but has picked up more car park damage today.