Anyone know this 4200 GT coupe for sale in Cardiff?


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I wish to thank you all for your input... as I am in France at the moment, I had several emails back and forth with Andrew Williams, ending up with me telling him I would not be pursuing the car he has, (without mentioning I did view the Rogue Trader video on Youtube which was very very telling.)

So thank you all for educating me on this dealer, who BTW is now trading under the name of Orion Solutions.

The car he has is registered as FJ05 OHP, by the way, fyi.

Some more questions for your input - second question - does anyone have comments on LF55 DFA, the 2006 black 4200GT at Velvis in Colchester? Third question - any comments on AFZ 4998, the red 2004 4200GT car or dealer at Stillmans in Tonbridge?

Both have similar asking prices, similar mileages, and FSH it seems. Are the prices reasonable - what room is there to negotiate do you think?

And last question - would I be better to go for the facelift version, or is the original version (like the one I have in Canada) ok?

Thanks to you all again, Oliver
Go for a facelift model if you can. They had numerous upgrades/updates and offer pretty much a GranSport driving experience. Certainly worth a few thousand extra.


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Well spotted Dicky.

Some great times in that car including the infamous convoy to Stanford Hall when Parisien led a 15 Maser convoy into a cul de sac.
No one there had a lie in on that Sunday morning.

Happy times!