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Hi All, i think its just a battery issue but all the warning lights coming on when starting up, ABS fail, Park on fail, Suspension fail, power steering fail etc etc with go to dealer. Can not been used for quite some time but has been constantly on a Ctec trickle charger. Hopefully just the battery or else have serious issues. Is the car still safe to drive as does start no prob?
Hi! I want to order 2 ashtray letterings - how to go ahead?
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The original sensor is Bosch L25C which is no longer available. The part number is now L5C which the multipurpose item suitable for a range of cars. Also,L5C is dirt cheap in OZ,A$80 delivered.

I can not find the sensor by number Bosch L5C.
maybe there was some other number on the sensor box?
I will be grateful for any information.

Best Regards
You will find that Bosch has rationalised their sensors so that items such as L5c serve a number of different cars. L5C is now the correct sensor.
Тhanks a lot. Best regards
could anybody say why my no8 fuse ,for remote,winkersand hazards blows instantjy,every thing eles works but alafm not working either.thanksRob
I like your thinking. Selling both Maseratis would solve my 'too many cars' problem. Selling just the 3200, and the Morgan, would also work. Oh, the problems we create...;)
am brand new to your forum and thx. I am located in Scottsdale, AZ and recently purchased one of the last Gran Turismo's made. I love the car, its Eldorado White with black wheels and black and red interior. -- toolmaker
The dealer tells me the 4.7 V8 clanks until the oil heats up the planetary gears in the oil pump. I was told they clank around until they expand to the right tolerance. Any of that make sense to you guys or has anyone heard of this ? thx, --toolmaker
Hi, just to let you know, the reason you aren't getting any replies is because you are posting on your own profile. To post in a section of the forum, go to the relevant section (In this case Technical Section, Quattroporte, Granturismo and GranCabrio) and start a new thread - right at the top of the list.
Hi, a 1924 Lancia Lambda that I've been after for about 30 years came up for sale - and I bought it! The MCV could be now for sale. My email is
Thanks Greg for thinking of me, but it would be too soon. Actively considering retirement plans, spending a bit on the house to sell while values are silly here. Then relocate and rebuilt somewhere cheaper like Hunter Valley, closer to family. Get a decent block with room to build a big shed and get lots of cars. Familiar?
Interesting this tube repair. So what sort of cost is it i see new are £3k plus ! i do feel the noise is inside the tube its a distinct rattle .you can hear it outside the car. On a normal diesel car its the same as when the dual mass flywheel is worn. Im interested to see how you fare when its refitted.
Hi :) Wants a Maserati Signature for the Ashtray. Pay you with PayPal. Thanks. Regards Arnt Ove Hol, Norway.
NIT hard drive 2013 QP.....can someone direct me in the right direction fixing a bad hard drive? My system is stuck on white Maserati screen and keeps rebooting. I have pulled the hard drive and will check locally if it can be cloned.
Hi all
thanks to all those people posting about navtrak battery problem, it has been a problem on my 4200 05 for a while just found it and disconnected it then took it for a run no problems. I am well happy
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