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Hi Chris, did it work on the Diesel engine and do you have to buy a software download over and above the price of the kit?
I don't have a diesel to try, but it appears to work on a range of Maseratis. You get one free 'manufacturer' with each unit you buy.
Just come back from Auto Shield
Awesome! The car went in for an inspection, unfortunately I have to sell her :( However, not much wrong with her! The guys there are amazing! 100% genuine.
I have a 2016 GHIBLI DIESEL and live in the Lake District near Kendal. I am looking to buy an obdstar x200 but would like to test one to see if it works on a diesel model before i buy. Does anybody have a x200 that they would be prepared to let me try on my car? Am happy to travel and/or cover reasonable expenses if appropriate.
Hi I have a 2016 Ghibli diesel. Maserati just closed my nearest dealer and now would have to drive 4 hours round trip to get a service. Car is out of warranty so had the engineer who looks after my XKR do a service and oil change and yes you guessed it the service light won't turn off. Does anybody have know a reasonably priced tool/reader that can clear these light?
Hi BennyD,

Was watching videos on the GranSport and ran into this
Might be a longshot but I want to see if you guys are still making your exhaust systems.

Twinspark. I can get them done. We can do X-pipes, H-pipes and we can modify GS boxes so we can get more sound but still use the valves. Regards.
Thanks, I’m looking primarily for decat pipes if they’re available.

I’m still on the fence between an H or X pipe.
Hi, just asking if there's any chance you could can get a secondary cat bypass pipe done.

Hey I hope you're doing well, Hayden messaged me to contact you he thinks you might be interested in this:
Hi Khalid - just wondered if you have the following parts:

Cam Chains (2no) 479034500
Chain Pinions (4No) 475036500
Cam Chain shoes - (2no) 578036500

Many thanks Steve
Hi Danny, i dont know how much the moderators or the guys that run the site can see and dont want to get banned as well, there is a lot of info here that is excellent and really really helpfull so I'll give you my email send me a message and I'll tell you what went down
This will probably get me banned as well.
Cheers Chris
Hi all,
I have been having clear out and realised still have full set of workshop manuals for ghibli gt,and a rear wheel for same. Open to offers for them will post pictures on site later.......
Propriétaire à Toulouse France depuis 2003 d'une 3200GT Modène de 2001 achetée chez Zender en Allemagne. J'ai utilisé, de part mes activités, très irrégulièrement mon auto et elle n'a pas beaucoup aimé cela ... Mes fréquents problèmes d'accélérateur expliquent aussi l'utilisation épisodique et n'ont finalement été résolus que la connaissance récente du site sportmaserati et l'aide de Dave .....
Alright Dale
Would you be interested in fitting or supply and fitting an Apple in CarPlay / android in my 2008 Maserati GranTurismo please
many thanks
I have not advertised any of them, how the heck do you do a test drive at the moment with social distancing!
Want £25K for all three. All are in good condition and garaged and spoilt.
As I don't think many people are looking for cars right now I have nothing prepared as to specifics of each car. I can send you pictures if you are seriously interested if you send me your email address.
Best regards
So cars I want to sell are
Maserati 4200 Manual 2002 mileage 85492
Bentley Mulsanne 1988 mileage 81739
Audi TT Quattro Sport limited edition 2006 mileage 58898
Hello, thank you for your participation,
Your VIN ? ( 3705 ) ZAMAA38?000003705
For ? A = LHD man B = LHD auto C = RHD man D= RHD auto
your color and leather, and if you have any particularities , caliper color , exhaust ??

Hello Graham; are you receiving over? I've been e-mailing you no avail; are you alright, matey? JimP