Skyhook suspension control unit


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I bought a 2011 GTS Auto (skyhook) with 50k on the clock (chassis 055750)and though it went round corners well, I was disappointed with the ride quality. Having replaced various bushes etc and had the geometry set properly the car still bounced a bit and the back end still seemed to want to overtake me on bad roads.

I suspected the rear shocks (pn 254814) were on the their way out and managed to obtain some shocks (pn 286946) and roll bar (pn 216711) from a newer car (2014 Sport Auto) as an experiment. This has sharpened it all up and it handles really well but the ride is now a little harsh for longer journeys.
I suspected the suspension control unit might not be compatible with the newer shocks so went to upgrade that only to find the unit on the car was not what should have been there (pn 290745) but was the one used on the later car (pn 285374).
Can anyone shed light on this? Was this unit used on earlier cars or has someone been at the parts bin?
To confirm, you have a GranTurismo S judging from the PN's.
Skyhook control units can occasionally go haywire, 2007-09 QP occasionally will have a malfunctioning ECU claiming a shorted rear shock.
Hence early cars do get them replaced.

Now if you have the new rear S Skyhook installed that's what you'd want to have.
FYI i recall there was a spring change associated with that shock, it will fit 100% but there may be a bit off in how the Skyhook computer interprets.

First step is to fully reset the Skyhook i recall there is a damping algorithm learn feature that adjusts, it should be straight forward to rest (if you have a tool that can do it)
This should but the suspension back to zero and you can test.

Also 13's shouldn't be very harsh at all, are you sure there isn't a error in the skyhook and it's defaulted the shock to hard mode?