New first time owner from Evesham, Worcestershire


He did not, as you seem to be implying, rudely 'throw back' our suggestions as (merely) 'internet advice'. Actually, all he suggested was that in-person advice and internet advice could both be quite 'tinted', by which I assume he means 'having its own personal biases'. That is not the same thing at all.

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I think we should take care, as others have said, not to create our own reasons to be offended, based on our own interpretation of what was being written.

Again, I think he has taken the torrent of advice - some highly expert, and some 'tinted' in very good part.

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Let Mr Spoon do what he wants... I would have never bought a Maser if I had found this place prior to purchase :p

My car was a right dog upon purchase and sometimes I wish I waited and bought a 4200GT in better condition. But that Argentine Blue car with a huge puddle of PAS fluid, engine and transmission oil under it plus an obviously leaky heater matrix was crying to me for a caring home. It is 6 years later and only nearly £20k in the hole.

Welcome to the forum @Mr Spoon enjoy your Maserati project car journey.
- I can join you in the 'rescue' club - I wonder how many others (including Mr Spoon) there are?
I came seeking an update. Nothing. All is quiet. I expect to hear someone singing Stille Nacht faintly. In the distance.
Feels like a front line. When all the guns have stopped.
Or perhaps a city railway station. Like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham or London Euston, when all the trains have stopped.
Or lockdown. When all the streets were empty. And they looked like the set of 28 Days Later.

Spoons. That was a fairly epic entrance. If this were the Colosseum almost two thousand years ago, the crowd
would be throwing garlands at you. The better heeled, obviously.

Sadly, all you get here is the restrained British equivalent. An imperceptible nod or wink. End of.

I wouldn't be thinking about Spoons II The Maser Bites Back, or similar. We all know that the second movie is usually awful.


Mr Spoon

Can this thread be closed now? At post 378, in such a short space of time, I think there is little more that can be contributed to my saying hello and being welcomed. :D