Maserati service in Melbourne


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That's an interesting comparison between our dealings with Reuben. AFAIK he went back to working on trucks after a brief period working from a garage in St. Kilda junction. He has significant family problems which get in the way of permanent employment,I feel sorry for him.

3200GT clutch kits are available from Australian Clutch Services,part no. KMS24001. The kit is genuine Sachs.

I found a member who modified the throwout bearing so it doesn't fail by welding on stiffening pieces to the lugs,here...
This also allows to adjust the touch point of the clutch so you get about three times the wear from the clutch plate. A very worthwhile modification which I will do when time comes to replace the clutch again.
Thanks for the info. I just realised yours is a 3200 (mine is a gransport) but will be worth talking to them when the time comes to change mine.
I just contacted them for a complete clutch kit, waiting for a call back by them to confirm.
I'm still yet to find a mechanic in Melbourne that knows what theyre looking at and wont trick you in saying you need a whole clutch change rather than something else. Is there anyone we know?

MRichards do you mind if i can use the Sd2 it seems to be impossible to get your hands on one in Melbourne :'(