Le Mans Classic 2022 and Mad Friday at Arnage


As above classic has a different feel and is noticeable less boisterous, probably due to the fact that SM nutters aren't there ;)

The racing can be interesting but it is more a selection of shorter races with only the most committed actually racing at the limit. However there are some awesome cars to drool over and access is normally very good and the teams and owners are happy to chat.

Overall nice but not the 24 hr
I always buy the paddock/garages ticket so you get to wander around and see some fantastic old racers.
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Been to LM once and camped within circuit airfield. Can't remember company but they had a Transit crew bus running every 15 mins
We did CLM twice camping at Tertre Rouge with the TR register and went down to Arnage to cram into bars and restaurants.

Abiding memory of 36 deg heat and sweltering in a tent


Centenary Club
We camp every year in Houx Annexe just outside the circuit, easy walk in and also close to the tram into Le Mans centre. Only a short drive to Arrange, Mulsanne etc. and we have a driver rota although we have one of the team who doesn't drink much who is happy to drive in during the day.

Lots of campsite craic, although that has been coming under more control each year with security checking for fireworks on the way I'm not that stops it. Security does limit the number of pickeys in the campsites but still safest to lock valuables in cars. Regular morning bakery and supermarket runs to top up essentials bread, beer and wine often turn into a quick soon around as traffic is light and the gendarmes haven't got on patrol yet. Flat out into Indianapolis soon gives you a sense of what the drivers must feel travelling at twice your speed and in the dark.