Debate with Police

I was stopped during a regular road check an hour ago and the officer claimed that the exhaust must be tuned as it's loud! I replied that's how an Italian 400HP V8 car should sound. But he instisted that the sound should come from the engine, not the exhaust which I again disagreed that it's a combination of engine and exhaust. Also insisted that the car is factory spec :p.

Well, my 2006 GS has Tubi backbox, secondary sports cats with 100cell HJS cats, EU spec standart manifolds (converted from US spec) and standart xpipe. I was driving quite slow so nothing to upset around. He asked me to rev up, I did up to 3k, informed that the car just passed the MOT (TUV) and no more arguments.

First time this is happening so government probably badly needs more money for the fuel of the new megaplane of the President! :mad:
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Another reason to just stick with the standard parts, whether you like it or not
Don't make it easy for the style police to ban petrol V8s!

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