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  1. montravia

    Days gone by

    Yup. Walking home, and fuff, toral darkness. Went in circles for about an hour trying to get off the common in front of home. Exacerbated by Walking home from the pub. At least I didn't fall into the pool
  2. montravia

    Everything that’s wrong with Alfa in a statement.

    Probably another rebadged Chrysler
  3. montravia

    New V12 Vantage

  4. montravia

    Front tire wear

    Thanks,Sam. No idea what the settings are. I'm just recanting what was diagnosed by the original aligners. I just expected that when it was aligned after front end refurbishment, a few months before, it was done correctly with the published settings. Concerned more that I was driving completely...
  5. montravia

    Front tire wear

    Camber wrong. Just trashed two otherwise perfectly good front tyres. Down through chords on inner with more than 5mm elsewhere. Being corrected tomorrow, again
  6. montravia

    Pic of the day

    My compliments, Phil. That's a lovely consistent finish
  7. montravia

    Steps to cure aggressive content

    Agree wholeheartedly, Cat. A little eccentric deviation from strictly Maserati, is fine. After all, we are all here with shared passion, and for sure, if we have a pull towards something like the Maserati, then, we'll probably be picqued by other's passions of similar tastes. But if I want to...
  8. montravia

    Steps to cure aggressive content

    Agree and similarly less used. A great shame
  9. montravia

    Multiple 'fun' cars

    Gizzago in yer TR6 mayt. Always thought that they were proper
  10. montravia

    Abarth 595 -2016

    There's posh. Not coffin doors
  11. montravia

    You can teach......

    And of course, Annie, thank you for the recommendation for the classic restorations in Malvern too. You know you're both welcome anytime
  12. montravia

    You can teach......

    And of course thank you Peter and Mark for recommendations
  13. montravia

    You can teach......

    Having now had a closer look, I'm pleased to say that it seems an excellent job. No corners cut, and although the damage was an isolated small dent on the door, two and a half or even three panels attended, excellent blend and scintillation. They even did the headlamp washer pop outs which were...
  14. montravia

    You can teach......

    To hopefully close the thread. After three weeks at the bodyshop, her gunshot wound seems healed. I'll take a closer look tomorrow but seems ok
  15. montravia

    Pic of the day

    Classically gorgeous
  16. montravia

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Very nice, but the Marcos steals it