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  1. stewarttownsend

    Stupid Italian metal... MOT failure - GTS 2009

    So Im still alive and not been doing much due to Covid and before that was still doing Pendle Powerfest but not really going to many shows... anyway passed my 50th few months ago and been looking at a nice day to day runner to replace the Insignia of dreams and thought better get the GTS on the...
  2. stewarttownsend

    Xmas lights on - Anyone else had ABS/ASP/MSP everything decide not to work

    So after new battery being fitted problem is worse so booked to go Bowkers tomorrow. No ABS/MPS/ASP/ Suspension problem !!!!! lights all on now and wont reset. Had some new suspension kit fitted on both sides before Xmas so don't know if that causing problems or its more a sensor related...
  3. stewarttownsend

    Offer for Sports Maserati Members in the UK - best detailing products on the planet.

    Afternoon All So having left corporate life to take some time out I decided to setup two companies oh and do consulting around SaaS and Channel.... yes no rest one of the companies is supplying detailing products that working with my business partners we have sourced at present a range that...
  4. stewarttownsend

    Drivers side front dropped - what part needed or idea on costs.

    Aloha So getting a list of things to on my baby, rear parking sensor, stupid alarm thing not working and now it seems the suspension has gone for fun. (also need someone to mend a slight nick or rub on passenger seat, gave a lift to someone who must have had some metal or something on them as...
  5. stewarttownsend

    CTek which one ?

    Im going to get a trickle charger as my neighbour has moved out and selfishly took his :-) Stupid Park off brake thing on, popping up with ABS out and usual electronic warnings for nothing Which CTek do I need or will do ? This seems the daddy and the one my neighbour had - ctek mxs 5.0...
  6. stewarttownsend

    Alarm Siren where is it

    Few niggles to sort out after exhaust time and one is tracking which hopefully Bowker Maserati are going to give me the GTS numbers so I can get it laser lined up once new rears are on. Alarm failure throwing up and no beep beep noise, looked on a few threads and few responses are that the...
  7. stewarttownsend

    Pendle Powerfest

    Blatant plug :-) If you want to see some ex Le Mans cars, £5m Ex Aston Le Mans racer and a lot more then I help organise its awesome and next Sunday (bank holiday weekend) Its a non profit and to late to exhibit but we are looking for more awesome cars to...
  8. stewarttownsend

    Kidney for sale - Exhaust required

    So My 2009 GTS with 30K miles on it sounds like a bag of nuts, have X-pipes on thanks to Marios but last week when putting on sports mode drivers side sounds like a bucket of nuts and normal mode doesn't sound good. Rear silencer section found second hand both sides on ebay for around...
  9. stewarttownsend

    Coolant / Exhaust and Alarm

    Afternoon Been a while since been on but still have the GTS and loving it, just been manic with divorce and businesses (setup a detailing supply company for mid range products- go live soon ) Few niggles - my exhaust now sounds like a bag of spanners when running and sports mode stopped...
  10. stewarttownsend

    Off Topic - but looking for a second car

    Evening So I require a second car to keep the mileage down on the GTS but also I need to do runs to manchester and other places for general life stuff, so require a nice second motor. Budget - 5k max Prefer something like A4/A6 Avant S line estate - basically something that can carry...
  11. stewarttownsend

    Twins in the sun

    The twins were out chilling in the sunshine...
  12. stewarttownsend

    Pendle PowerFest - May 29th Bank Holiday Sunday - There will be sunshine

    A big family day out if you love anything that requires petrol to make it go, Ill be there as Im helping organise it so no escape but if you want to meet some petrol heads, see some great cars, roll around in a plastic ball and everything else that is going on then get your **** here. Pendle...
  13. stewarttownsend

    Parking Sensors - do they just go....

    Evening So Im alive but had some personal challenges last few months so been off the forum and not out to much. In the meantime car has been ok apart from today when out the blue reversing it and a little light came on to say no parking aid available and yep we are not playing or working...
  14. stewarttownsend

    Maserati GTS 4.7 - Anyone know what the part number is for EPB pads and if OEM

    Morning So I have her running but no handbrake which would be ok but need to get MOT as its run out so need to get new pads fitted to get MOT, anyone help with the part number and if there is a Ferrari/Fiat part which is cheaper. I need to get them done locally as not got time to head to...
  15. stewarttownsend

    Stuck in morrisons

    Hi I've been away all week and had EPB off, nipped out to post a letter and come back to the GTS started her up gone into gear and feels like n/side parking brake still engaged I've tried turning it off reset alarm, put it into EPB off and turn it off, handbrake on and off... It's been...
  16. stewarttownsend

    New Rears

    Not sure if this is good or bad but Yeti seems to love this tyres Vredestein Ultrac Vorti 285/35 ZR20 (104Y) XL Summer tyres £100.70 - 46% price drop Looks like only 15 in stock and Im hovering over the buy button for two of them.
  17. stewarttownsend

    Monday morning blues

    Morning All So was heading over to Marios for him to take a look at lights coming on like christmas warning me of impending doom, also to take a look at why Park OFF light still keeps coming on and rear handbrake sounds like engaged whilst driving but can't get in the car, used the key and...
  18. stewarttownsend

    Rico Rally - who is going ? November 7th

    Evening Anyone signed up for this ? Just checking to see if can make it. Stewart
  19. stewarttownsend

    Stupid Car

    So after Sunday engine light its now become a problem. Just went out for a little drive as nice night, apart from idiot who drove onto the roundabout nearly into me it we then went for little spin down the dual carriageway about 10 minutes in get the old transmission light see dealer...
  20. stewarttownsend

    Vulcan at Southport tomorrow at 14.00 tomorrow. - last fly by

    Not sure if already been posted as been crazy week but last fly by of The Vulcan tomorrow, joined by the Red Arrows