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  1. Harry

    1976 Lancia Beta HPE 1600

    A friend of mine is selling his mother’s old car. Anyone interested? R reg and one careful lady owner from new. Apparently it still runs and is stabled near Derby.
  2. Harry

    80 Ferrari Monzas

    A rather lovely video to watch. Hope the link works.
  3. Harry

    New 296GTS, I likey likey

    Yes please! I hope the link works…
  4. Harry

    Oh dear…
  5. Harry

    Poacher turned gamekeeper?

  6. Harry

    Is this Ferarrichat thread the most ridiculous one ever on a car forum?

    The actual title is “Where to keep a small pistol on an F8?” Not surprisingly, it has been asked by an American. One of the replies was “I once had a compartment added to my roof liner. No one ever looks up, and moving your arms up looks defensive or like your surrendering. That was a...