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  1. conaero

    Removing infotainment display screen

    As Gaz says, remove the consul around the gear stick (yank auto shifter up) and undo the lower centre panel screws then the top air vent pulls out then undo the two screws and the whole thing pulls forward. mark all the connectors and un-clip them, remove the entire panel from the car. Flip...
  2. conaero

    Front logo 4200 (2002 model)

    EBay, the Chinese knockoff ones are fine, the quality is as **** as the oem ones.
  3. conaero

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Silver GS parked in a side road in Greenwich, walked past it a couple of times.
  4. conaero

    TPMS Fun Pt2

    We see it a lot. Shows as a wheel sensor flat battery….£400 replace all 4, error persists. It’s the TPMS ecu and you can’t get them. There is a repair service so another £500. By this time your fed up with TPMS, £80 have us remove it.
  5. conaero

    Merak on Harry’s Garage

    Enjoyed that, thank you
  6. conaero

    2009 QP 4.7 - available

    £1650 plus vat, remove, repair, powder coat, install.
  7. conaero

    2010 MC Shift won't start

    This is correct. The traditional alternators just pump out 14.4v all the time but the ones on Maserati are intelligent, where they have a diode pack on the rear of the altenator that is sort of a smart charger and senses what voltage the battery requires.
  8. conaero

    Merak on Harry’s Garage

    You might like our next project then
  9. conaero

    LED Bulb in Boot causing Battery drain!

    In our experience, fitting LED bulbs to the exterior lighting causes a blown bulb error for the reasons above.
  10. conaero

    Wanted facelift grandturismo mc shift

    £495 fitted at Sportsitalia and as your new we will throw in a free inspection worth £295
  11. conaero

    Mr. Pea's Story Behind the LP Grand Ciècle

    Frankly it’s a lame excuse and typical of a women stopping men being men! Only kidding, that’s great news. Other than most of us zooming in on the reflection in the bottle to get a look of the lucky lady, have you a pic of the pair of you?
  12. conaero

    Wanted facelift grandturismo mc shift

    We’ll yes, but it’s young and low miles so feel he should get it inspected but should be ok. Get it under sealed before the bad weather sets in
  13. conaero

    Wanted facelift grandturismo mc shift

    Well done, lovely that
  14. conaero

    TPMS Fun Pt2

    We can switch off TPMS and proxy align on GT and QP. £80 end of problem and no more light.
  15. conaero

    Wanted facelift grandturismo mc shift

    Welcome. Yes as the others say a FL with MC is a rare thing.
  16. conaero

    Battery drain again

    Seen electric seats cause drain. Hook up your meter, let the car power down for a few mins then start pulling fuses.
  17. conaero

    The good morning thread

    Got of luck with that I know it’s been a bit of a mission
  18. conaero

    Window Switch Replacement - Alternative part?

    Alfa 159 switch pack looks mighty similar (QP) and poss worth a closer look. GT, have a look at Brera Not direct swap more swapping parts
  19. conaero

    The good morning thread

    Morning, Pea, Stevo and I are in Eastleigh (SO postcode) tonight feel free to pop into Steam Town brewery tonight 8-10.
  20. conaero

    Everything that’s wrong with Alfa in a statement.

    With regards to the Giuliettas, we have 3, all diesel. They are brilliant cars with perhaps the interiors not being up to Alfa spec. With regards to getting Lotus to do the handling, no need, they handle, stop, start and go well already. You see them everywhere so must be one of Alfas best...