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  1. StuartW

    MC Stradales - out with the old and in with the new

    After over five & half years together, it is time for the Stradale to be moved on and traded in for a younger model. It has been a great car and still is fantastic to own & to drive, and whoever owns it next will not be disappointed. It will be with @dickygrace soon should anyone like to be the...
  2. StuartW

    Coming soon to Auto Italia Magazine

    Just a little teaser for a back to back test of my two Granturismos which will be a feature in Auto Italia magazine in the coming months
  3. StuartW

    037 Rally

    A very special car and a rare sight, even at auction I had the chance to buy one in the 1990s, maybe it was this very car as it was a red one? The one I was after was at a Lancia...
  4. StuartW

    Barely used MC20

    What a lovely colour for the MC20. Nice to see a relatively wide range of colours being offered & chosen with this model
  5. StuartW

    Low Rise Car Ramps

    Does anyone have any experience of using them or have a recommendation for a particular set? I have an ultra low trolley jack but my Trofeo is even lower and as I don't have a lift, they seem to be the best idea to help me to safely raise the car. I was thinking something like this -...
  6. StuartW

    Abarth 124 Rally

    Not cheap, but what a little beauty
  7. StuartW

    Stratos Replica PH Video

    An interesting video of a guy who has had a replica built by the Lister Bell folk - it certainly looks the part and is no doubt better made than an original
  8. StuartW

    Bedford Italian Car Show / Sharnbrook Hotel 5th June

    This one is back on in June. I went last year for the first time - it rained, really hard, and my pizza got wet. That said, it was a nice a little show and I may pop down again this year. Anyone else planning on going...
  9. StuartW

    Silverstone 500, 7th & 8th May

    Anyone going this weekend? I've been to the usual GT sprint races but not the endurance before, should be good. Weather permitting, I'll be popping along...
  10. StuartW

    LaFerrari Aperta FS at BaT Auction

    13 days to go and currently sitting at just over $3.5M. There must be a couple of lotteries to be drawn between now and the end of the auction if this one floats your boat?
  11. StuartW

    MC20 'ish?

    Cheaper than an MC20 but with the same access to the cabin, form an orderly queue
  12. StuartW

    (Not A) Centennial Stradale FS Surely you wouldn't spec your Cent Strad to not include the unique cent wheels, seats & sill plates? This looks like a Centennial asking price though...
  13. StuartW

    Dirty, Naked Photo

    Fully clothed, taken a couple of years ago - Taken just now, the clothes have been shed and is in need of a good scrub!
  14. StuartW

    2 Seat Stradale

    Not seen this one for sale before I don't think It looks like the car needed the CC brake discs replaced at some point, so someone will get the benefit of that
  15. StuartW

    As good as new Delta Integrale Martini 5

    I know that's barely been driven, I know that it was a limited edition, I know that they're very special, but ... $250k + ?!
  16. StuartW

    Key Fob Silicone Cover

    I don't know how well it will fit and it's not cheap, but looks a decent solution to protect your key or give your scabby key a facelift
  17. StuartW

    Used MC20 @ Graypaul

    Beat the waiting list! Only 256 miles miles - it is not a demonstrator so was the owner underwhelmed or the monthly payments have caught up with them? Whatever the reason, it sure does look nice in this colour. It's at my local MD so maybe I will pop along to take a look...
  18. StuartW

    New De Tomaso Anyone?

    What a delight this looks
  19. StuartW

    FS - Very Nice In Blue

    Another one for sale, this time in a lovely blue. This is the same colour as a number of us saw when the pre production prototypes were doing the rounds of the dealerships last year, it looks stunning in the flesh. I understand that the entire 2022 UK allocation was sold at the end of last year...
  20. StuartW

    F12 - Real world / ownership experience?

    Evening Does anyone have any real world experience of the F12 that they might care to share with me? I do have a yearning for a V12 and this has always been a favourite of mine. It was the last of the Pininfarina designed Ferraris, is a little smaller than the 599 and being more modern, would...