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  1. conaero

    Steps to cure aggressive content

    The mods have finally taken action. Its no secret that certain, long term members have been getting a ‘pass’ on aggressive and abusive content towards other members. Today we introduce the ‘THE COOLER’ user group. To gain access to this exclusive club all you have to do is post aggressive...
  2. conaero


    Just a warning, seeing a lot of rodent damage of late. One ate the main loom below the engine fuse box through the bulkhead into the cabin. Things to look out for: Crisp packets and general odd litter in the engine, boot and cabin. Main places under the fuse box, plenum and nose cavity. wiring...
  3. conaero

    Your pets being daft

    I’ll start, this morning
  4. conaero

    SM XII

    We are twelve today…it feels longer ha ha
  5. conaero


    Poisonous ftard or comedy genius…discuss
  6. conaero

    YouTube Subscriptions

    I, like most watch a lot of car stuff on YouTube but I’m getting a bit bored with them and need some new ones Here’s mine, show me yours and rate them: Edd China - it’s not very good Goonzquad - initially did some excellent stuff now reverted to mainly pickups Harry’s Garage - still excellent...
  7. conaero

    Anyone got a working NIT?

    We have a forum member who's NIT has just packed up, anyone got a known working one they would like to sell?
  8. conaero

    Wheel bearings back from the dead

    Stocking this week via the usual discount suppliers, main dealer have had stock already
  9. conaero

    Le Mans 2022

    Why not…form an orderly que: 7-13th June 2022 7th Dover Calais Night 1 Le Touquet Night 2 TBC 4 night Gites 13th Calais Dover Conaero Rosie
  10. conaero

    WARNING fraudulant sellers

    Its been brought to my attention that a certain user, now banned is selling parts via the PM system and giving his email address to then deal direct. He seems genuine but once he has your money the communication goes cold. He encourages members to send the funds via Paypal as Family and...
  11. conaero

    MC20 Personal Views

    I really would like one of these cars, the more I see the production models the more I like it. Price, at £200k it’s too much risk. I feel they will always be worth £100k. At £150k I would buy one as am prepared to risk £50k depreciation, £100k I am not. Colours, white, yellow and blue all...
  12. conaero

    Maserati parts supply

    Been noticing GranTurismo parts are getting harder of late. Current out of stock items are wheel bearings which is a major issue. No stock in the UK and parts suppliers have them on back order and quoting 8 weeks!
  13. conaero

    Ghibli end

    Hearing that the Ghibli will end production in 2023, in a year and a few months time and not have a new model. The Grecale will debit at the end of this year and probably aimed at filling this gap. It’s been a love it or hate it car for many not helped by the Diesel engine. My personal...
  14. conaero

    First Italian Car?

    As my daughter is 17 today, it’s pushed our eldest to get her test too. The plan is to get one car, pref Italian for them to share (eldest away for a year travelling then Manchester to do her doctorate) Budget, £3k ish. So all I know is it has to be below 1.4 and a small car. I have no idea...
  15. conaero

    OEM Cat pipe loan wanted

    SportsItalia are having their own custom stainless exhausts made. We already have X pipes for 4200/GT/QP but are having out exhaust guy round to pick up the cat pipes for 4200 dual and header cat pipes and GTS cat pipe to have our sports cat, squish pipe deletes made. We have GTS and 4200 dual...
  16. conaero

    SOLD - Strad for sale

    Just a heads up for anyone that might be on the look out. I have Slay’s ex 4 seater Strad for sale. It’s black on black with interior carbon, 25k miles, new tyres and front caliper stainless piston upgrade and new pads (£1k) paint corrected and ceramic coated with gloss black wheels and...
  17. conaero

    Which events....

    ...are you looking forward to finally getting to post lockdown? Ace Cafe seems many moons ago and can’t wait for Le Mans but I do think it will still be a closed doors event again in 2021. Would like to do a new UK one, any suggestions. I think we should have a drive out to it.
  18. conaero

    Are we all ready... all done ready for some fun as soon as we get out of this mess? What jobs have you done over lockdown and what have you left to do?
  19. conaero

    New moderators appointed

    As promised, there will be 3 new moderators sharking the forum as of 1st of Jan 2021. Will you all please welcome: @philw696 - Phil @Felonious Crud - Adam @ScaldedCat - Tracey We would like to thank the outgoing bunch for their valued services to the cause and can now rest easy with their...
  20. conaero

    Parts request warning

    We are getting more reports of people registering with their first post offering cheap parts for members requesting them. It’s not just our forum, it’s a trend across many forums at present. Just remember, if something looks too good to be probably is.