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  1. dickyb

    1/43 Ghiblis and Biturbos

    No affiliation but recently spotted these and thought they looked rather cool :):
  2. dickyb

    Maserati Ghibli GT wheels for sale

    Set of 4 Maserati Ghibli GT wheels for sale, will fit GT and MY94 (ABS) models as well as Quattroporte IV. Will not fit Series 1a Ghiblis or other earlier Biturbo models unless you use PCD adaptors (wobble bolts). PCD 5 x 108mm. Front wheels measure 8J X 17 with ET34 offset. Original part...
  3. dickyb

    Integrale Evo accident in Wales
  4. dickyb

    Going out in style...

    Spotted in Italy earlier this week.....
  5. dickyb

    Ghibli replacement headlamp lenses

    Enrico Pederzoli of is currently investigating the possibility of having some Ghibli replacement headlamp lenses manufactured and is looking to gauge interest before going ahead. If you are interested in a set please contact Enrico direct:
  6. dickyb

    Shamal, Ghibli and Biturbo Spyder for hire
  7. dickyb

    QP IV V8 powered Ghibli Looks a little nose heavy round the bends but sounds lovely and seems to be pretty quick! Its currently for sale in Holland: Also spotted this one at Spa a few years ago:
  8. dickyb

    New Bora concept

    Came across this the other day, rather nice I think...
  9. dickyb

    New Ghibli Cup badges

    May be of some use to you guys with Ghibli Cups: Not sure on pricing but quality is apparently superb and available from the UK
  10. dickyb

    222 4v on ebay Quite rare to find one of these and nice to see a manual one. Perhaps a little steep considering it sounds as though it might be a Cat D and needs a little work...
  11. dickyb

    Rip 145

    Sadly the time has come to say goodbye to my beloved 145. After 11 years of faithful service and clocking up 149000 miles the old girl has succumbed to rust:(. An advisory on the MOT mentioned rusty inner arches and the front suspension turrets were beginning to crack so I booked it in to...
  12. dickyb

    Ghibli Open Cup for sale
  13. dickyb

    Biturbo Spyder on Autotrader

    In the words of my mum when I was a kid "Now you've ruined that haven't you?"...
  14. dickyb

    Alfa 33 Rebuild

    Thought I'd start a new thread for the rebuild as the other one was getting a little elongated. Car arrived back from the bodyshop on Thursday last week, it looked like a new car on the transporter and I'm very pleased with the end results. Shame it rained and the car got wet and a little...
  15. dickyb

    425 restoration

    Just stumbled across this and thought it may be some interest to fellow Biturbo enthusiasts. Starts about half way down the page, a bit long winded but a pretty epic job:
  16. dickyb

    Ghibli electronic suspension delete option

    I'm looking at a project car which requires a lot of work but is a good price and I've noticed that it does not have the electronic suspension fitted. I understand that this was a delete option when new and I wondered if anyone knew what sort of setup it would have? E.g. how firm/sporty the...
  17. dickyb

    thoughts on this Ghbili?

    thoughts on this Ghibli? Sorry typo in thread title!!! Was thinking of having a punt on this but there are a few things that concerned me. Have a look at the ad and see what you think...
  18. dickyb

    Alfa 33 Restoration

    The other thread went off on a bit of a tangent so I thought I'd start another one. This will hopefully detail the restoration of my 33 as it progresses. The car was originally a 1994 Alfa 33 1.7IE with no sunroof and is being completely rebuilt to (hopefully) better than new condition...
  19. dickyb

    Ghibli Headlamp protectors..

    Protect those precious headlamps....
  20. dickyb

    458 in a Maserati colour

    Nice eh? It's Maserati Blu Mediteranneo