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  1. RodTungsten

    Feed In Tariff?

    I understand that there are power-knowledgeable people on here (not HP but Watts) so I wonder if my feed in tariff rate will increase now that the value of my kWh to the grid has increased upwards of 200%?
  2. RodTungsten

    Accident or a design?

    Bung below the windscreen in the Citröen DS to allow access to the rear cylinder spark plug!
  3. RodTungsten

    ... and then it dies.

    Occasionally after a drive (cambiocorsa Spyder), when I engage reverse the engine dies. Off, on, restart and neutral and select R then all is good. I think that pre lockdown it did this sometimes engaging 1 as well. Just often enough to be mildly annoying; usually happens manoeuvring while...
  4. RodTungsten

    Body Shop Recommendation for a 4200 Spyder dinged rear - we are in Wilts

    The Wee Woman's car was hit in a car park by a chap in a Range Rover while we were wandering around Rutland Water. Thankfully all was recorded by witnesses and fault acknowledged. Third party's insurer (LV) has offered to cover the repairs (third party takeover) and as we are honest upright...
  5. RodTungsten

    4200 Spyder in the workshop - and on the road.

    Hi, we now have this - a cambiocorsa in Argentine Blu - in my workshop. It has pushed out our old Alfa 916 Spider. My wife has been after one for a long time after looking at them in in the New Forest years ago. Already used the forum to sort a non-working second key - thanks! Next job is to...