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  1. safrane

    What you drinking now?

    I have to agree... some of the small Champagne house operations, in what look like their garage, produce some great bubbles.
  2. safrane

    Council Tax

    It's all spent on Social Care... and it's still not enough to pay for a decent end of life existence.
  3. safrane

    2011 GTS in Wigan

    Welcome to the forum. There is a forum gathering in the NW next month that you may be interested in.
  4. safrane

    4200 Spyder GT no air coming out of front vents

    It does read like you may have multiple errors, which could be stuck flaps in the unit. You could also try moving the direction control slowly to each position over a number of times to try and free them may even hear the motor trying to move them if you do this with the ignition...
  5. safrane

    Le Mans Classic

    Erm is it not a substantial meal as in COVID days and going to a pub???
  6. safrane

    4200 Spyder GT no air coming out of front vents

    Have you cycled the direction unit to see if you have put the knob back on in the right place? Is so there is a re-set for the HVAC system which you could try. That would also give you any fault codes in the temp gauge on the instrument cluster
  7. safrane

    Terrible Jokes Thread

    No, Nick Kershaw, and Elton John/George Michel obviously as well as who ever is playing 'Annie' these days
  8. safrane

    Why I'm going EV, and another thing!!

    As anticipated, Public Charges are going up in price. GeniePoint have just increased their price to £0.57 pkw + connection fee. This means that it will now be cheaper to use Petrol in my hybrid than 'public' electricity as it is a heavy 4x4 and is not that efficient... unless I top up at one of...
  9. safrane

    jon España

    Welcome, and great choice of car. Photos of it in the sun would be welcome.
  10. safrane

    Ideas on what it's worth.

    So a bit of thread revival as I hate loose ends. Spoke to the current owner last eve. He is willing to sell, but mentioned that it had a gearbox problem and an overheating issue which he states are both resolved. Car has only done c2k in the 5 or so years he has had it and is in the same...
  11. safrane

    Very Low Mileage GS!

    Been up for sale for a while now... tempted for my 4th but a bit rich as that's a great GT budget.
  12. safrane

    The good morning thread

    Old bridge maintenance postponed now until the new bridge is fixed. I passed the fire shortly after it started on my way back from the colony.
  13. safrane

    4200/GS Collapsible Spare (Un-used) - Now provisionaly sold 22/6/22

    I'm spreading the love, and it is just the wheel and tyre +bolts - a full set with compressor and jack etc would be as you say close to a grand... but I'm gad to help another Maser owner.
  14. safrane

    Midlands Italian Car Show - Renishaw Hall Sun 26th June

    Close to 'Full Monty' country Annie - and ferrets.
  15. safrane

    Newbie from The Netherlands, hoping to acquire a 4200 this year

    Is the VIN not close to the door? That makes me think its more of a door seal or open window issue, (possibly when washed). If it was the heater matrix the carpet from the centre console to the VIN would be very wet.
  16. safrane

    GranSport at auction

  17. safrane

    Granturismo S on Whitedetails

    Is that yours Ewan?
  18. safrane

    What you drinking now?

    Oh well - take it easy then and have a beer!
  19. safrane

    What you drinking now?

    Your lawn could do with a drink!
  20. safrane

    Classic car auction 19th June blue 4200

    The leaver is know weak part. It may have broken inside; there is a upgraded Hills Engineered replacement part available. You may be able to click the micro switch under the leaver to get R... and I assuming you have the break peddle pressed and door/bonnet closed, as this will stop any gears...