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  1. Scaf

    Hello beautiful matt steering wheel - nice to see you again!

    Never occurred to me to lightly sand the Acantata -
  2. Scaf

    Hello beautiful matt steering wheel - nice to see you again!

    It’s a very subtle improvement but well worth the effort, I have a leather steering wheel on my Jag that I keep clean and Matt. My Strad had a slightly shiny wheel, made worse by the fact it’s Alcantara - I have made some improvement and it has its “nap” back but I have some way to go yet.
  3. Scaf

    Maseratis - Spotted

    This morning on the M25 anti-clockwise at Junc17 a transporter full of those 4x4 thingies - nicely wrapped in swaddling cloth
  4. Scaf

    Front wing sealant / goop

    On a Maserati - no chance :p
  5. Scaf

    Rant Thread

    We paid for club Europe to Malta earlier this year - service was a joke really, even wanted extra to guarantee us sitting together. I may well have to fly with them again for my own convenience, but will never upgrade.
  6. Scaf

    Rant Thread

    I guess they make the process as clumsy as possible so the vast majority give up and don’t bother. BA have lost me as customer for that very reason.
  7. Scaf

    The good morning thread

    “Hot-desking” at our Windsor office today…… which makes a change. mainly video calls and 121’s but I will be “virtually” attending the funeral of a good friend later this morning. :(
  8. Scaf

    Granturismo Larini X-Pipe - 100 miles only

    Ah, that’s a bit of a treck to trade exhaust sounds - but if you are heading my way (Hemel Hempstead) happy to meet up. Good luck finding the perfect sound for you
  9. Scaf

    The good morning thread

    I have had a week of mixed feelings, a good friend of over 45 years died on Monday after a year of being in and out of a coma, his funeral is in Spain and I can’t get there, I will attend via video link. So sad to lose him (he didn’t quite make 60 yrs) but glad his suffering is over. He had...
  10. Scaf

    Opening up our homes to Ukrainians

    This evening we are having a BBQ and I discovered the true extent of Spotify when I searched “Ukrainian” our neighbours will wonder what on earth is going on ……. and the night is still young
  11. Scaf

    Opening up our homes to Ukrainians

    Well we are 1 week in. Family are more and more settled everyday and are now cooking their own meals which simplifies things. Just about all formalities are complete but that has been a real struggle with so many people making excuses about not being able to do this or that because they are...
  12. Scaf

    How to check options and spec

    We need a mod to put the contact details in a sticky - most owners like to have the information in file and it’s something Maserati do for free :D
  13. Scaf

    Recommendations for replacement battery on Granturismo

    I fell into the returns trap with a battery for my some car. In future so will but from local store, even Halfords, as returns are much more straight forward.
  14. Scaf

    Spring Ace Meet 12th May!

    Some poor sod will have to watch the the whole series, to highlight to the rest of us the when the relevant episode will be shown.
  15. Scaf

    Fresh owner of a 2008 4.2 GranTurismo!

    Welcome to the forum, I also managed to miss you last night at the Ace. Car looks fab by the way.
  16. Scaf

    Granturismo Larini X-Pipe - 100 miles only

    Where are you located - if ever your are close by you could at least hear mine in action. I got my un silenced H from a chap on eBay (Poland) it’s not the best welding in the world but was a good fit and came with welded brackets...
  17. Scaf

    A good initiative?

    Reminds me of being on a speed awareness/ safety course a few years back, we were asked what are the best ways to keep alert when driving …….. Out came the - turn the radio on/up - heating down - windows open etc….. as you can’t fail the course I felt able to liven things up a little so...
  18. Scaf

    New member of the Stradale Club

    Very probably yours and definitely Matts …….. has to be one of the cheapest, easiest and aesthetically pleasing mods …….
  19. Scaf

    The Granturismo Sport detail

    I can think of at least one Maserati owner that they would suit perfectly ………