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  1. mjheathcote

    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    We have a bit of a problem with our house roof. Following a leak around the chimney stack, and getting it repaired, we have discovered our south facing roof is basically 'end of life'. This is a bit of a shock, the house is less than 20 years old. Artificial stone tiles were fitted, a...
  2. mjheathcote

    Fuel profiteering

    On average fuel is £1.60 for E10 and £1.80 for diesel. I fill up with BP and at BP Wakefield while filling up the BMW with E10 noticed their E5 was £1.70 on Thursday. Today been into Huddersfield and while there needed some E5 for the Pinin (Mitsubishi say E10 is not compatible with the GDI...
  3. mjheathcote

    EV advise from any users please!

    The Mrs has been advised by her employer that her company car is due for replacement. Surprised and not surprised by this. Surprised as her Golf has only done 21K in 3 years (no surprise there due to lockdown etc), but not surprised as a lease car and it's due. Anyway her replacement choice is...
  4. mjheathcote

    Gordon's T33

    Lovely thing, designed for practicality for servicing, tyre availability, and luggage. Then only 100 to be made at over a million pounds each. What's the point? Very, very few will actually be ever driven to need the practicality, or care too much about buying cheap tyres or servicing costs...
  5. mjheathcote

    E ink tablet for note writing

    I need to banish my A4 ring bound notebooks. Whether at home, meetings, visiting site I'm always scribbling on my notebook. Things to do, what you've done, the usual as a Project Engineering Manager. Remarkable 2 got me interested, until I discovered you have no search ability. Supernote looks...
  6. mjheathcote

    2001 3200GT only 2 owners FSH Popped up on Facebook being local to me. I don't know the car. States only 2 owners and FSH. Could be interesting for someone looking for a 3200.
  7. mjheathcote

    Death by Teams

    When I started work in the late 80's it was post or Telex. Soon afterwards in the 90's we add fax. By the mid 90's we had mobile phones. By 2000 we had Internet access and email. By 2010 we had smartphones. Now we have Teams/Zoom. Every step along the way we have been more contactable and...
  8. mjheathcote

    Catering, taking the ****.

    My daughter is 16 years old at college, and has a part time job at a local pub/restaurant/Hotel, national chain. Only 2 weeks after her 16th birthday she started, and was straight front of house. She has just finished a shift today and I've picked her up. She was the only person managing 30...
  9. mjheathcote

    Car insurance, I'm officially old!

    Playing with some insurance quotes for potentially swopping the BMW M140i. Doesn't really matter what car I choose for what I'm considering it's around £400 to £500 for business usage 15k a year. For a laugh, I thought I would change to the 4200, same business usage 15k a year. Cheapest was...
  10. mjheathcote

    Power wall, but not for solar

    We haven't got one, nor do we have solar. My idle understanding is that one stores up solar generated electricity during the daylight hours, and then use this electricity during the hours of darkness. However with the current energy crisis, apparently it now makes sense to have one, even if...
  11. mjheathcote

    Winter has arrived.

    Gritters out and the roads are like a beach in Gran Canaria. :( As a positive the Pinin has just pasted its MOT for the worse weather to come :thumb3:
  12. mjheathcote

    Who is this Matt & SportsItalia he talks about?

    Excellent review guys :thumb3:
  13. mjheathcote

    Would you drive an Alpine A110 as a daily?

    As we all know the used car market is crazy at the moment. My M140i is my opted out company car, and I have bought it/fueled it/maintained it all within my car allowance/tax refunds for business miles. Even though it will be 5 years old next March (I will have then owned it 4 years), and it...
  14. mjheathcote

    Ferrari support and sd2/3

    Italia Autosport around the corner from me have posted on Facebook that they have decided to move into the 21st century and get a diagnostic/programmer for modern Ferrari. Thought I would pop in for a chat. They haven't purchased as yet, and the reason being is that they have customers with...
  15. mjheathcote

    For the dedicated 3200 owner who has everything.

    One off oil painting. Very talented artist, the price when asked £5,800 however he is retiring and selling a lot of his work off at half price. I said around £2,500 then, and he said yes. He's sending me his details and photos if anyone is seriously interested. He does mostly commission work...
  16. mjheathcote

    My 30 year old knob. Let's see yours.

    Found by 30 year old Momo anotomic gear knob I had fitted on my '91 Alfa Romeo 33S Permanent 4! So decided to fit it to my M140i. Polished up the lower collar from the original black anodised finish, and bought a new leather gaitor from J F Customs on ebay. This came with the plastic retaining...
  17. mjheathcote

    BMW Really?

    Picking my M140i from a routine oil service. While in the showroom, look at the attached. What's wrong, so wrong.... and the rear for a clue...
  18. mjheathcote

    Holme Moss Hill Climb 100 Saturday 14th August

    Anyone local worth a drive. It's not something I would recommend travelling a long distance or time to attend, as there isn't much parking and if like last year was quite busy at the top. The road isn't a closed event but was fun last year with some interesting cars...
  19. mjheathcote

    YouTube income, living off it, and decline of traditional TV

    How long will it last? It appears that once you break 50K plus subscribers it's a possibility. Just watched JayEmm and he has just picked up his Ferrari F430 Stradale, to go with his 550 and other cars, including his Maserati QP of course. Good for him, with 163K subscribers. But many have...
  20. mjheathcote

    Alternative intake system 42/GS twin throttle bodies!

    This looks rather interesting on Facebook!