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  1. bigsteve

    Grantourismo on Airbags

    recently found a few vids on YouTube of a young guy who has bought a GT for 16500 and is modifying it as a LibertyWalk car ( whatever that is, I am over 30 ) anyway in this vid he fits airbags to it.
  2. bigsteve


    Recently noticed a knocking noise on my GranCabrio, 2012. It started to appear after about 10 minutes driving generally at low speed 20 to 30 MPH and on uneven roads mainly. I had trouble identifying the exact location so took car to a local classic car restorer/builder guy I was recommended...
  3. bigsteve


    Up until now I have had the MOT for the Grancabrio done at the main dealer in swindon or specialist servicer in Exeter when she was being serviced. This year I just need an MOT, are there any special requirements for the Masser at MOT time any issues to be aware of or can I take her to any MOT...
  4. bigsteve

    Paint Repairs in Bristol Area

    Guys had a small bump on back end couple of paint gouges and bumper scuffs, as other party is not responding to enquiries am thinking that this repair may be down to me, got a £700 excess and don't really want to lose one of my two protected no claims. Have been given Dick Lovetts...
  5. bigsteve

    Accident Exchange - Any Experience with Them

    Hi Just had a small bump in the rear from a motor bike, just scuffs and scrapes. Contacted Dick Lovett , as recommended by my insurer, to arrange a quote for the paintwork. They put me through to Accident Exchange who they say do all the paperwork, book the car in for repairs, provide a...
  6. bigsteve

    Flat Battery Shut Out of Car

    On my 2012 Grancabrio I have had a problem with the electronic parking brake, few people pointed out it could be related to battery problems, yesterday went to start the car to give it a run and it would not start. Ordered a cytek charger from Amazon for delivery Monday, went into garage today...
  7. bigsteve

    GrabCabrio/GTS Parking Brake problem

    have a 21 month old grancabrio, don't drive it much in winter it stays garaged. last couple of times I have taken it out I have had a "parking brake fail take to main dealer" warning light. parking brake is stuck on so cant take it to dealer, anyway restarted it about 4 or 5 times and warning...
  8. bigsteve

    Touring qp

    Don't know if anyone has already posted this but here is video of a QP touring
  9. bigsteve

    Snow foam lance blocking

    Guys When I got the Masser last year I also bought a snow foam lance, started off with a cheap karcher one ( I know spent a fortune on a car and trying to save £20 on a cheap lance) it was ok but no where near as effective as the videos of the proper lances showed. Anyway I then bought a PA...
  10. bigsteve

    4 wheel tracking Bristol area

    Anyone got any recommendations for a tyre place that can do 4 wheel tracking in the Bristol area. Cheers
  11. bigsteve

    Spyder 2002 promo video

    Dont know if this is compleytely new but just saw this on yoputube posted 2 days ago, its a 2002 promotional video for the spyder.
  12. bigsteve

    MPG again

    Just done my first real short trip in a 2012 Grancabrio sport, Bristol to Cirenceter. About 55 miles of motorway and 45 of good A roads. Had the top down so kept to 75 on motorway as the Mrs didn't want her hair too meesed up, a small bit of 50 average restriction on the route and a steady...
  13. bigsteve

    GranCabrio Sport Seats

    I have had the GCS 2 months now and a couple of my larger male friends have commented on an issue with the front seats. they say it feels like a section of the seat at the top of the infill section is moving, like 2 parts in there moving across each other. Today my wife who is slightly built...
  14. bigsteve

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Was a bit suprised when I picked up my new grancabrio that they dont come with locking wheel nuts, am a bit in 2 minds about fitting them, on one hand the wheels would look obviously out of place on anything but a Masser, on the other some people will nick anything unless its bolted down...
  15. bigsteve

    New car

    Just picked up my new GranCabrio Sport on Friday so i thought I would post a few quick pics as sun is out for first time and could get the top down
  16. bigsteve

    New leather cleaning

    I have just picked up a Grancabrio, it has red leather with white contrast stitching. weas wondering if anyone has recommnedations on cleaning the leather, I am concerned that cleaners may not be compatible withthe stitching or may discolour the stitching. I found a reference to a Poltrana...
  17. bigsteve

    Pedal Placement

    H Noticed a thread recently about footware people wear when driving there cars. This was raised because of a concern about the close proximity of the pedals in the GT or GC ( dont know anout the QP ) and the possibility of fouling the accelerator when braking. As anyone actually either...