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  1. Devonboy

    New nightmare!!

    Just had mine done - fecking amazing?
  2. Devonboy

    Apple Car Play - Maserati - Uodate

    Yup agree with you - on the Hey google (or Siri in my case) if you have your phone out it works great. If like me you store it in the arm rest then yes you have press the button to engage the mic - took me a while to figure that out!
  3. Devonboy

    Apple Car Play - Maserati - Uodate

    Yes £750 included tarrifs
  4. Devonboy

    Mad idea

    Don’t know why - but as there are only 60 odd 4.7 QP5 Sport GTS around in the U.K. - I quite fancy getting them all together - what are the odds? Would be great to see all the variants of this beast!
  5. Devonboy

    Alfieri to be built in Italy (Shock!)

    Or not.....but if it’s never built we will never know
  6. Devonboy

    Alfieri to be built in Italy (Shock!)

    You had me at Alfieri to be built!
  7. Devonboy

    Headlamp adjustment for driving in Europe

    As the lamps are adaptive - do they need to be altered?
  8. Devonboy

    Headlamp adjustment for driving in Europe

    Yes tried that - but they were so rude and some nonce on a motorbike, a square hat fined me 200 euros and shouted a lot :-)
  9. Devonboy

    Headlamp adjustment for driving in Europe

    I have a QP5 Sports GTS and I cannot find anything in the manual about adjusting the headlamps when travelling to Europe. Do the Xenons needs adjusting for driving on the right in Europe?
  10. Devonboy

    A new direction for Maserati?

    Cant help feeling that the new Sixt adverts encouraging the cheap rental of a Levante is not quite where this brand should be....
  11. Devonboy

    Alfieri Concept

    I will take mine in nero Carbonio......
  12. Devonboy

    GT based Touring Superleggera

    Believe it or not, this car was blocking my QP when I picked up today from the garage! It’s sporting an Italian number plate and has been bought by a collector. It’s being re-registered on a U.K. plate - inside the car is very stock but under the bonnet is some beautiful carbon fibre and a...
  13. Devonboy

    Maserati Seeks Reversal Of Fortune After Almost Becoming A Mass-Market Brand

    Saw an interview with Webster - he is very clear on what Maserati stands for....encouraging to see him back
  14. Devonboy

    Billy Monger... what an inspiration

    And no victim hood...he is a bloody impressive young man - and yes I did have something in my eye at one point....
  15. Devonboy

    A new direction for Maserati?

    Spot on....Having owned 2 Granturimo's and a QP5 S from new, I left for a Ferrari but am now back in a QP5 GTS. If they don't get a better model range, my next stop is probably Aston Martin...…...
  16. Devonboy

    New QP5 GTS owner

    Agree and do a search as there are some articles on key fobs on the forum - I just can’t remember where! Welcome, enjoy the car, and the bills! It’s worth it
  17. Devonboy

    Passenger door handle issue

    Is is the same on all doors? Could be a battery issue.
  18. Devonboy

    Rant Thread

    Fecking Maserati Gaskets - WTF how do the Italians get them all to fail at 8 years old? Just to coincide with that really cheap service 4! This year - 2 cam gasket gaskets, gearbox gaskets, steering pump seals and o rings - it’s gutting all that labour for the cost of parts.... I am gonna have...
  19. Devonboy

    Puncture Repair recommendation - N.London/Herts/Essex/Bucks

    Gotta say that Justtyres in Luton impressed the **** out of me...