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  1. D Walker

    Calling Ewan.......
  2. D Walker


    Watching it again tonight, not sure how many times, in a semi drunken haze, but how know when ever realised those french lot were stitching him up is beyond belief, 89 was a farce...
  3. D Walker


    Anyone else had their daughter (son - child)go travelling to Asia / Nepal / Kathmandu/ India ,,,,,,,,New Zealand -----on her own, I am papping myself - dont think i will be sleeping much from Sept 10th onward - Thank god for the internet.....
  4. D Walker

    The Irony

    Just passed a Bentley Bentanyaga thing towing a single axle Hobby caravan on A19; so you have a gazillion pound car and go on holiday in a caravan!!
  5. D Walker

    Wet foot syndrome

    Picked car up yesterday and had a nice drive through the lakes to my cousins in Carlisle. Just as we got there thought I felt a drop on my foot, anyway leaves there and yep I’m getting some drops. Near home on a roundabout a deluge lands on my foot, so carpet out to check the air con drain, none...
  6. D Walker

    Ferrari Collection For SALE
  7. D Walker

    Dropped a fatty. Went for a meal with some mates and when back to car had one of those "unofficial" parking notices on car. Wondered why, 4 hours free parking, pulled out of the space, got out of car and could make out a Blue disabled sign painted on the floor, I genuinely didn't notice it...
  8. D Walker

    Wife---True Blond

    Those of you who have been fortunate to meet my wife, a small few, may have seen she is blonde, although it's out of a bottle so she has never really been a dizzy blonde...........until now!!!!!!! Those who have read the posts may have seen that last weekend we visited friends in Scotland, had...
  9. D Walker

    WTF is it really!!! Spyder with a solid roof, check out the rear diffuser!!!
  10. D Walker

    Med Blu GTS - Up for sale.......Again Cant believe its on Teesside as well...
  11. D Walker

    Petrol Levante....Anyone
  12. D Walker

    New York Trip Tips

    Evening Guys n Gals, As it says in the title, Looking to go to NY in November for 4/5 nights so looking for any info you worldly travelers may have, Places / location to stay, getting around, must see sites and good places to eat and er "drink" Anything really. Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. D Walker

    Alfa Romeo Brera

    Any thoughts on one of these as a daily. Maybe little over top for my 70-80 mile commute fuel wise...
  14. D Walker

    £21k GT
  15. D Walker

    GT Surprise @ Work

    Was listening to a conversation today, a guy who I have worked with before for 2 years is telling people about his TVR and his Gran Tourismo, I never had a clue, He bought brand new in 2013, he is not sure what model it is but I guess a 4.7S in dark grey. Its done 7k miles and sits in the garage...
  16. D Walker

    SuperCar Megabuild

    National Geographic - Next Thursday at 8, Some celebrity fools are going to try and turn a Maserati into a 200mph car !!!! DW
  17. D Walker

    Toy to tide me over Maybe !!
  18. D Walker

    Blue GS - EBAY Does it belong to anyone on here - name seems familiar??
  19. D Walker

    GTS - Back Up Again This one is back on so as Geoff Capes said, some guy bought this to use while his AM was being built !! Same price I think, perhaps with an extra owner - but that wheel...
  20. D Walker

    Black GS - Ebay