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  1. bigbob

    Granturismo 4.7 S

    Spot on I would think. My 61 plate GTS auto is on 51k miles so if it's worth £23k trade in 2-2.5 years time with 65-70k miles on then I am happy with that. By then I won't need all the seats so the range of second hand cars to buy at the time can be bigger. Maybe a three year old V8 DB11...
  2. bigbob

    o2 sucks

    Sorry was a spelling joke.
  3. bigbob

    3.8L V8 on Quattroprote GTS vs 4.7L on Granturismo

    I'II take the extra 100bhp and much more torque. Love my car and it's engine but it's slower than Mrs BBs Golf R with its 7 speed DCT.
  4. bigbob

    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    Maintenance costs are irrelevant if you are putting 25-30k miles pa on a Maser as depreciation would be off the scale. Stick with the Merc - Ghibli service intervals are 12.5k miles.
  5. bigbob

    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    I guess they got carried away at how many of the Torino produced models they could sell. The three of them are ok cars but technology moves on so fast that Maserati replacement and update cycles are too long at the price point they are now in. For the more traditional market they were in people...
  6. bigbob

    New Watch anyone ?

    The description sounds like a 1970s advert for a Mars bar.
  7. bigbob

    Car in for MOT & Service - fingers crossed!

    Personally I get my cars MOT’d first at my friendly local garage and then when the service department send me the ‘vehicle health check’ I know in advance how much of it is worth taking seriously.
  8. bigbob

    Considering FF

    Buy what you want, who cares what people think of you. Most think knob when they see an expensive car whatever roof it has.
  9. bigbob

    o2 sucks

    You must have good balance.
  10. bigbob

    Mirafiori to be re-tooled. Levante sales not good

    Pic n’ mix production. Maybe it’s snobbish but I wouldn’t want a £60-80k car that was built in the same factory as a £10-20k one.
  11. bigbob

    Brexit Deal

    The trouble with 'boring' is that, with time, voter turn out reduces which leaves the door open for extreme/material different politics to get hold. It's as much a cycle as is the economy. Who would have guessed when Michael Foot was leading Labour that a decade and half later it would be a...
  12. bigbob

    Brexit Deal

    Politics is boring if it's all the same and Labour deserve a crack at it. How long it might last is another matter........ Re trains, I've travelled on the East Coast mainline a few times since it was 're-nationalised' and it's no better.
  13. bigbob

    Brexit Deal

    He will get in as last man standing as the Tories rip themselves apart.
  14. bigbob

    Brexit Deal

    Agree with this play out in that there will be a second referendum and we will stay in - the EU Advocate General in his ruling is opening the door for this. Afterwards the Conservative party will fragment and we will get a Corbyn government. I'm actually not sure this is less worse for the UK...
  15. bigbob

    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    Good stuff. Then you have to add the driver. With it being a light car my Lotus 340R was really fast and had a very impressive power to weight ratio whilst empty. That all changed when I got in it!
  16. bigbob

    Help stuck in car

    Alternatively someone with your spare key could manually unlock the door from the outside.
  17. bigbob

    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    It's all that beading of the water on the roof due to the Supaguard treatment.
  18. bigbob

    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    I'm sure someone will be along soon enough to kick me off it! Mind I find it strange that the mid engined supercar makers all quote dry weights whereas others tend to quote wet....very confusing and on light cars like a McLaren it can be a big percentage difference.
  19. bigbob

    Anyone know this car ?

    Agree with this, Ghibli is much more on the money than my car as it's a much newer design. In fact the GranTurismo is going down the road of the DB9 which is a three year older design in that it's now beginning to look old. Still very elegant but looking old. CO2, fuel consumption...